Sunday, December 25, 2005

And so that was Christmas.......

I had the best Christmas ever! It started at 6am when I woke up and yelled out...."Has Santa been"????? then I raced out of bed to the loungeroom and Yes, he had. He had taken the carrot for the reindeers and eaten his snack and I couldn't believe my art easel...a pink "princess castle" tent for the back yard and a whole stocking full of surprises. I got some books, new beach shoes, a Lilo and Stitch DVD, a colouring in book and new crayons, some binoculars, some chocolate money, Angelina Ballerina and some hair clips. I ripped the chocolate open and ate is straight away, so yummy!!! We had breakfast and then we went to the beach and picked up Aunty Jane on the way. I ran into the waves and swam and had lots of fun.

After that we went to Nanny and Grandpa's for lunch. There were more presents there especially for Jacky boy and me. I got a new dress, a little purse, necklace, books, and card. I even rememebred to say "Thank you very much". It was so much fun opening all those gifts. I was such a lucky girl. We had lots of yummy food....prawns, crayfish, oysters (yuck) fruit and then lamb, chicken, ham and pork and roast potatoes with gravy (I love gravy!!!) Then we had ice cream and plum pudding....very delicious (yes, I said that!) We had to come home and all have a little sleep.

When I woke up I did some painting with my new easel and we had some friends come over. I like playing with Jasen and Katie but they are much older than me. Jasen is 7 and Katie 11 but they are my friends and I like following them around.

What a big day it was. I can hardly wait for next Christmas but in the mean time I will have lots of fun playing wiht my new things!

I hope you all had a great day like me! Here are some photos of my day. Some at the beach and some with Nanny and Grandpa, Aunty Emily, Jack and one of Mummy, Daddy and me!
Love Sophie
PS: I am wearing my pretty dress that Memere and Pepere sent me from Florida last year in the photo up top opening my presents!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all!

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and just between you and me ( and that is if anyone is even actually reading this!!!)I am a little nervous, yet very excited about tonight. I know Santa is coming at some stage and I have just checked with Mummy that he won't make a big noise and frighten me, to which Mummy has said, "I won't hear a sound"!!! In the morning I get to go and see if he leaves me anything under the tree. I hope so. Mummy and I have asked for a "art easel" so I can do paintings and drawings on it....oh yeah, and lots of surprises would be nice!!! We have left him some milk and cookies for a snack and a carrot for his reindeers. I thought that maybe 1 carrot wasn't enough, but Mummy has assured me Reindeers know how to share...(also, we had no carrots left!!)
Today was Grandpa's 68 th birthday as well. We went over to Nanny and Grandpa's house this afternoon and it was good fun. Baby Jack was there and guess what everybody....he is almost crawling!!!! WOW! I know, I know, I am excited as well. Soon, he will be running after me and yes, I know, probably catching me as well!!!! Grandpa was born so close to Christmas.....Mummy said that is why he is called 'Noel'......I'm just not sure I remember exactly why it is that he is called 'Noel' and that is has anything to do with me he is just Grandpa and lots and lots of fun!!!
Happy Christmas,
Love Sophie

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jack's Christening

Yesterday we went to church, mummy too!! We had the normal church part and then after that Jacky boy had to get water poured all over his head. He even liked it. He was smiling and happy and even the priest said he was so cute!!! So 2 whole hours of church and I was a very good girl even if I do say so myself. Afterwards we went and had lunch at Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl's house and CAKE!!! But no candles. Poor Jack, he got presents and a cake but NO CANDLES!!!!! It was explained to me that it wasn't a birthday but I mean, presents and cake IS A BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Lucky Jack is so little still and he wont realise he didn't get a candle on his cake!!!

Daddy is home in 3 more sleeps and Santa comes in 5 sleeps...yipppeeee. I am not sure which one I am most excited about!!!

Love Sophie

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Conversations with cereal!

Very cute conversations overheard this morning at 6.30am by a 3 year old Sophie and a bowl of cheerios! (Sophie is the voice for the cereal as well!!)

Sophie: hello cereal, how are you today
Cereal: I'm good...are you going to eat me
Sophie: Yes, you are going to live in my tummy
Cereal: No, no, don't eat me
Sophie: I have to eat you because you are my breakfast
Cereal: No eat that other one first
Sophie: Ok, I will eat this one and then eat you and you will live in my tummy
Cereal: Thank you very much
Sophie: It's OK, I am going to eat all these cereals so you will have friends in my tummy.

A bit later, when cereal is all eaten.....
Sophie: "Mummy, my tummy says it is all full"
Mummy: That's good
Sophie: "Oh, hang on a minute, my tummy is talking to me....ok tummy, I will ask for you........Mummy tummy says it could fit in ice cream!!!"
Mummy: Tell tummy that ice cream is not breakfast food!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Although the weather has been terrible (according to Mummy and daddy!!!) , I mean it hasn't been warm at all and I am even still wearing my winter pajamas at night time!!!'s supposed to be summer and nice and warm because Christmas is coming and we need to go to the beach for a swim on Christmas morning because we do that every Christmas...(well, that's what I am told and I just go along with it as I actually don't really remember last Christmas of the one before that!!!)
OK, so apart from the weather not being Christmassy....we have a new Christmas tree and we put it up and it looks great!!!! We need to get more lights and then it will be perfect. Here are some pictures of daddy and I putting up the tree.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Daddy's home

Mummy and I went to the airport last night to pick up Daddy. I was so excited I couldn't sit still so Mummy and I sang the whole way there. I learnt some new Christmas Carols....and we sang some made up silly songs. I had to wear my pajamas because it as past my bed time. I was very excited when Daddy finally arrived. I kept saying to Mummy, "do you think daddy will be funny, when he gets in the car"??? , because he is usually very funny ALL the time. He gave me a toy parrot, but it doesn't say anything, I like it a lot!!

So I slept in this morning till 7.40am......Mummy said it is a new "record" sleep in late time. We had to go to playgroup today because it was the last day for playgroup for the year and we were having a little Christmas party. Mummy tried to get Santa to come but she told us that he had phoned her to say he was very busy making all the toys and visiting all the shopping centres, (well, he is in the shops whenever we are there and once I even saw 3 Santa's in one day.!!!) Anyway, me and my friends were not too sad about not seeing him because we all admitted that we are just a little bit afraid of him. Phew, I am glad I am not the only one that gets a bit scared by him!!!!! It was fun at the party and after we all got a little present and we made Santa faces from red paper and cotton wool balls.

Mummy had to work today so I played with Daddy after my huge 3 hour sleep this afternoon. Mummy thinks I must be growing again because I am having lots of sleep lately!!!!I am tired again now. Bye bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday and other stuff!!

I have lots to say today because I have not been able to update you as our computer had broken down and Mummy didn't know how to fix it. Anyway, it is all better now and got fixed on Saturday. We had to stay home ALL day!! I don't remember doing that in a very long time. I mean we can stay home for most of the day but we usually at least walk to the park or go to the shops, but no, we didn't do any of that. We had to stay home because the man that had to fix the computer could not give an exact time when he would be here. He told Mummy it would be between 7am and 5pm!!!!! He turned up at 5.40pm! Mummy did not seem too impressed!

So Saturday was spent, painting, playing with my dolls house, playdough, riding my bike, reading, more painting, drawing, watching a movie...oh yeah, we also baby sat baby jack for a couple of hours! In the afternoon I had a picnic with my "friends" (toys) at the front door. Yes, it HAD to be at the front door. Mummy kept trying to move me but my "friends" like to sit at the front door and have their cup of tea. Later on I realised it was not such a good idea because I tripped on one of the tea cups and hurt my ankle and a big bruise appeared. Mummy said we needed to put ice on it and I cried and said no. Then Mummy suggested a great idea of putting a popsicle on it. This was a really great idea because after it went on my ankle for about 10 seconds I ate the popsicle.......thought that maybe next time I want a popsicle pretend to hurt my ankle!!!!! I tried it and hour later and got knocked back. (how come mum's are so smart!!!)

Daddy rang before bed and I told him all about my day. He said he is in the middle of the ocean on the other side of Australia!!! Wow, that is far away but not as far as Canada because he only went on 1 plane to get there.

Bye Bye,
Love Sophie

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Here comes Summer!!

I had a very busy day yesterday. I went for a long walk with Mummy and Sasha and we stopped at the park for a while so " new baby" and I could go on the slide. Baby was a bit scared but I told her she doesn't need to cry and then I helped her go down the slide. She was having a great time until I accidently pushed her off the top of the slide and she landed in the sand, after that she wanted to go home. Luckily nothing was broken on her!!!!

It got very , very hot and when we came home Mummy said I could have a little ice cream and then go in the pool...yippeee...this is the best day ever!!! Mummy talked to Memere on the phone and when Mummy got off the phone, I asked if Memere was going in her pool as well and she told me it was getting cold where Memere and Pepere live and soon it will snow. WOW, they are so lucky. I saw snow on Sesame Street and I want to play in it!!! After that my pool filled up and I played for a little while, then Emily brought Jack-ee-boy (that what I call him!) over and he had his first ever swim in the pool and he loved it and he was so cute splashing his little legs and trying to drink the water.

When Daddy came home we went to Hillarys Marina for tea. We had fish and chippies and Daddy and Mummy had chilli mussels!!! Not me, I didn't eat them, they didn't look good to me. Then we all got an ice cream (did I mention this was the best day ever!!!!) and I ran after the birds and did some "kid watching", one of my favourite pastimes!!! Then we came home. Lots of fun and I can't wait to go in the pool again.
Love Sophie

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby and Me

I am loving my new baby that I got for my 3rd birthday. Oh, did I tell you I am 3 now!!!!I think I did maybe once or twice!!! My baby goes everywhere with me, to bed, to watch a movie, down the slide, on the swing, to do grocery shopping, to swimming lessons, (she even claps for me!!), she has pajamas and a dummy and also a going out outfit and a beautiful dress. I change her nappy when she does wees and poos and I feed her her bottle and sometimes I feed her broccoli and carrots (cos, thats what Jack eats as well!!)
I take her for walks in her pram and she loves that the best. Last week she was sick, like me. Like I said she does EVERYTHING with me and I love her so much. She is my favourite baby, because I actually have 4!!! Their names are ......Little baby (because she is the littlest), big baby (because she is bigger than little baby), church baby (because she is the one that goes to church with me) and new baby (my favourite because she is new although she is bigger than big baby, I couldn't call her "bigger" baby because that would just be so silly and Mummy sais she may get an eating disorder and we don't want that!!!) . Sometimes people stop me in the shops and say, "hello little girl, whats your babies name?". I say "BABY" and then I look at Mummy and we think to ourselves.....some people are just silly billy's!!!! (well, I think that is what she thinks!!!!)
Love Sophie

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not very well.....but better now!

Bonjour, (warning: graphic details below may offend those with weak stomachs!!)
Well, a new thing happened to me this week. What new thing you may ask as because I am now 3 there is not much that I haven't done...ha, ha!! I was sick, really sick, throwing up sick (that was the new thing!) In my 3 short years of life I had never thrown up before!!!! I was very scared because I thought my insides were all going to fall out... Mummy came to pick me up from Julies house on Wednesday afternoon and just as Julie was telling Mummy I had been very quiet since I woke up from my afternoon nap......up came everything from my tummy!!!! How frightening. It went everywhere...all over Mummy, me and Julie's nice clean floor. So home we went and after a bath I sat and watched a movie but had to do more throwing up over and over again. I went to bed but didn't sleep long as there was still more throwing up to do.....poor Mummy didnt sleep either because she had to keep changing my pajamas and sheets on my bed. The next day I slept a lot and Mummy didn't go to work so she was able to stay home with me all day. By the afternoon I felt much better and was able to keep some water down and now I am feeling back to my normal happy self again. Oh yeah, my baby was sick to, just like me. I had to keep changing her clothes as well but she is all better now as well.

Today Daddy took me to the is still too cold to swim but I liked running up and down the sand. Then we went to the shops and Daddy bought a hat so now he is like me because you have to wear your hat when you play outside...that is one of Mummy and Daddy's rules!!!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kings Park

Yesteray was such a beautiful sunny day.....not hot and not cold. We went for a picnic in Kings Park. In case you didn't know, Kings Park is the biggest park in all of Perth and there is so much to do there. Lots of people were at the picnic but mostly people that are related to me and my Grandpa as it was like a reunion (whatever does that mean!!) Although Grandpa wasn't able to come because he is working along way away. It was good fun and Mummy took me to the playground but there were too many bigger kids and they were being very noisy and I told Mummy to tell the "other children" to go home!!!! Mummy just laughed and said, we can't do that because everybody has to share the park, but I did notice her giving the bigger louder older boys "the look"!!!! Have you seen my mummy's "look"???? whoa...she means serious business when "the look" comes out. So I only got one go on the slide as the naughty other children were playing some kind of game and running all over it.

We had a yummy lunch of scallop cakes, asparagus, olives, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and some little chocolate muffins. Not really your typical 3 year olds lunch but as you know I can eat anything especially olives! Yum Yum!! Aunty Kathleen (grandpa's sister) had a special treat for me, it was a chocolate frog and it was very yummy!

Baby Jack was not happy at the picnic. I have not seen Baby Jack cry very much in his short 6 months of life but he was really really sad. I thought to myself maybe he is sad because he wanted to go on the slide like me, (because I would cry and be sad about that it that were me) but then I heard Aunty Emily tell Mummy he had a little sharp tooth poke through his little gums and then I felt sad for him....because I remember those days. Ouch, getting teeth, that is really not fun. So I went and had a little chat with him and said, don't worry, soon you will have all your teeth and even though you like your food now, you are really going to love steak and for that you need your teeth. I think he felt much better after that because he tried to grab my face and chomp on my nose (probably wanted to try his new tooth out!)

So, here is a picture of me just after I had my little chat with Jack and munching on my chocolate muffin. Also some more pictures of me in the park. Isn't my baby beautiful.....she goes with me everywhere as well.

Lots of Love

Friday, November 04, 2005

Life back to normal as I know it!

I have had a fairly normal week! That is no one giving me presents, no one talking about "what a big girl I am now", normal as in having to make a REAL effort to clean up my toys after I have played with them....(dont like cleaning up!!!.....just like Daddy , mummy says!!) Looks like life just goes on like it did before when I was 2!!

On Monday morning Mummy and I went for a big long walk in the pram and went to visit Lally. I checked Lally's letterbox for letters for her and there was one for me again, (it has 3 little lollies in it and I am starting to think Lally puts it there for me!!!) after that we walked back home but stopped at the park on the way and I had a play.

On Tuesday we had playgroup but only 2 of my friends were there, the others were all away and also it was a very big day here in Australia, it was Melbourne Cup Day!!!!! The whole country stops at 12pm to watch a horse race and people put money on the horse they want to win. So, we went to watch it with Nanny and Emily and Jack on TV. I even had a horse. Mummy showed me the paper with all the horses to choose and I chose the one wearing pink...(I know how to pick them) horse came last!!! I liked watching the horse race, they showed it over and over again and even later that night it came on again.....Mummy said it is because it is a very important race.

On Wednesday I went to Julies's house. She looks after me when Mummy goes to work. Will, Casey and Oliver are there as well and we love playing together. We do dress ups and play with the babies and the train set and we also play outside in the sandpit and water trough. Julie even has a slide and swings at her house!!!

On Thursday I went to Nanny's house. Grandpa is away at work at the moment. (he went on a plane to work like Daddy does! Nanny and I play in the garden and I make her cups of tea from my tea set and we play soccer outside. Emily and Jacky-boy (thats what I call Jack!) come and visit us. After lunch I have my sleep and then Mummy comes to pick me up.

On Friday I had swimming lessons and Daddy and Mummy took me. I am doing very well at my lessons. I can swim up and down the pool with my floaties on and do big kicks with my legs.
After that we had to take Daddy to the airport because that's where the planes live and he had to go on one to get to work. He is only going for 2 sleeps......

Today is Saturday and I am not sure what Mummy has planned for me today. Yesterday she said we were going to go for a big walk along the beach and stop at the park, but something tells me she wont really want to walk in the rain and it looks very windy outside. I'm going to hint that maybe we could go to the library and get new books for me to read. I love going to the library because we always sit and read some stories in the big comfy chairs before we go home. OK, going to go and find Mummy and tell her about my good idea.
Love Sophie

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Princess cake and Superman

I just wanted to add a picture here of Cousin Jack dressed as Superman, isn't he just so cute!!! He was very popular in his little outfit. Also here is the cake mummy made...she is so clever and it tasted very yummy!!!
Thats all for now,
Love Sophie

Goodbye 2......HELLOOOOOO 3!!!!!!!!

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to update you on my fantastic birthday party but I have needed some time to recover.....and play with my many new gifts!!! I had such a great time at my party. I just love the idea of whenever anyone arrived they hand me a nice big shiny great. I was very careful to say thank you to them...well, for the firts couple of times...after that is all just got way too exciting!!!! It was a dress up party and I was the pretty fairy princess.

Who Came:
Will (spiderman), Lenny (batman), Oliver, Angus(spiderman), Ben, Harry, Maddie (pretty fairy), Jordan (pink fairy), Jayde (pretty girl), Molly (white fairy), Jack (superman), Alice (baby fairy) Olivia (beautiful fairy), Lara, Natalie, and lots of grown ups!!!

Lovely presents:
Dolls house, playdough and painting set, barbie doll, tinkerbell doll and back pack, jewellry box, barbie bag, pink bathers and shorts, 3 new tops, new skirt, new pink shorts, 4 x books, new baby and baby clothes and baby bottle, baby pram, new "bratz" plate and bowl set, magna doodle, keyboard and microphone (I sing on it all day) bangles, rings and necklaces, fairy dominoes, snakes and ladder, I got very spoilt!!

Party food:
Fairy bread, pink cup cakes, chocolate cup cakes, green faced biscuits, vegemite and cheese sandwiches, party pies, mini sausage rolls, potato smily faces, mini quiche, mini hot dogs, sausage and cheese pinwheels, cheezels, watermelon and strawberries........then the best "princess birthday cake ever"!!!!! Yum Yum

We all played a game called "pass the parcel"..when the music stops whoever has the parcel unwraps the paper and there is a special treat inside and then at the end and even better special treat. It was good fun. Then we played with the ball on the lawn and drew pictures on the bricks with chalk and rode bikes and guess what.......there was no crying and all my friends played nicely and I didn't mind sharing any of my things......(except my new baby, I didn't like anyone running off with her!!!!) Before everyone left I handed out "special lolly bags" and there was one for me too....yay!

When everybody left about 1.30pm, I had to have a sleep because Princess's need their beauty sleep and I was very very tired. I slept for 2 hours and then woke up and had fun playing with all my new things. It was the best party ever!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pretty Princess

What a great day yesterday was. Three packages arrived for me and inside they were all birthday presents! How exciting (new favourite phrase!!) Also a card in the letterbox from Tante Gisele...thank you all very much!!! Memere and Pepere sent me a beautiful princess dress and shoes. I love it and I put it on straight away and then never wanted to take it off!!! I am going to wear it to my "fairy party" on Saturday...I might just add my wings and then I will be a "princess fairy"!!! Oh yeah, Iv'e changed my mind (because I can) I now am getting Mummy to make me a "princess cake"...not a caterpillar cake. Ok, so here are some photos of me being Princess Sophie and incase you have forgotten.....4 more sleeps......yippeee then I will be 3!!!!
Love Sophie
PS: Thank you Matante Ginette, Mononcle John and Cosin Justin for my special outfit. I think I will look very "cute". Justin I loved the drawings you made, I put them on the fridge next to my drawings!! xx

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Purple Man

Thought I should share with you all my current obsession (now that is a big word!). I call him the purple man and he lives near our house and we drive past him in the car sometimes. He usually dances and waves to me BUT, one day we went past and he was hanging off the building and I couldn't stop the tears from falling, "What''s happened to my purple man" I cried over and over and over again. Mummy said he must off fallen off the building (talk about breaking it to me gently!!!) I was in utter devastation (another big word!) I cried and cried rivers of tears (OK, so a bit dramatic now!) Mummy kept saying please be quite Sophie so I can concentrate on driving!!! Anyway, the next day again we went past and not only was he not hanging off the side of the building...he was gone completely. Everytime we ever go anywhere in the car I always say..."Can we see the purple man today" and because he is so close to our house Mummy I think offten drives past him for me even when we fdon't really need to go past him. Anyway, a few days ago we drove past and all of a sudden Mummy says, "Guess what"..I see the purple man is back!!!!! WOW, I got so excited we drove extra slow and there he was waving and dancing at me. I was so happy I told everyone. Then the other day Mummy and Sasha and I went for a big walk to a different park and we walked past him and Mummy took a photo of him so I could show you all my friend..."The Purple Man"!!
Love Sophie

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy had a birthday yesterday. Daddy and I went out for breakfast in the morning and had bacon and eggs which is Daddy's favourite. Mummy had to go to work so she couldn't come. Daddy opened all his presents and he loved them all..(good job Mum!!) After breakfast I went to Nanny and Grandpa's and they looked after me because daddy had to do some work at the house. When I came home Mummy had made a cake and put lots of candles on it and I helped her decorate it. We sang happy birthday 3 times and I got to help blow the candles out with him, it was fun and a very yummy chocolate cake as well! OK, now daddy has had his birthday we can go back to talking about mine and me, me , me!!!! Afterall, this is my journal and it is supposed to be all about me!!! I am still very excited that my party is coming closer, only 8 more sleeps!!
Love Sophie

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Big Smoke!

I have had such a busy weekend! On Saturday my friend Angus(aged 4) and his little sister Molly (aged 20 months) came to my house for a sleep over. Mummy took us all including Sasha to the park...she sure had her hands full. Molly sat in the pram, I say on the top of it and Angus walked and Sasha ran and Mummy huffed and puffed!!!! We played for a long time and Angus was pretending he was Spiderman which made me laugh because I think he actually really does believe he is Spiderman!!!! After the park we walked home again and Angus was too tired to walk but there was just no room for him as well on the pram.
We had a special dinner...chicken nuggets and chips (fries for all you canadians) and then little buckets with ice cream...yum, yum! Then we had a bubble bath and managed to cover almost the whole floor with water from all our splashing!!! Then we watched the movie "Madagasgar"and played some more before we had to go to bed. It was great fun!!

Then yesterday after Angus and Molly went home, Mummy and I caught the train into the city...(The big smoke!!) This was only my second time on the train and the last time I was only 1 year old and it is hard to remember stuff when you were only 1!!! I sat next to Mummy and stared at all the people getting on or off and then I broke into song and sang my very best performance of "Baa Baa black sheep"...when I realised I had a captive audience I continued on with "ABCD... etc" I even got a couple of claps. When it was time to get off the train I sat in the pram and enjoyed watching everything going on. We saw some funny people dancing and singing in the street and a man made balloons into different things...he made me a little puppy dog! We went to a lot of shops because Mummy said we were looking for a present for daddy's birthday! My favourite part of all the shopping was when we saw all the Christmas trees and train sets. WOW!!! I have a feeling I am going to LOVE Christmas. I sort of remembered a bit of it from last year but I am getting very excited for it this year. I love all the lights on the trees. I even asked Mummy if maybe I could get a Christmas tree for my birthday as well as a dolls house!! Mummy said, NO! Not even a "maybe" or "if you are a good girl" which is what she usually says!!!
After all the shopping we found something for Daddy...but I'm not allowed to tell you what it is because it is a secret!!! The best part of all.....I got an ice cream cone and we sat on the steps in the sunshine and watched all the seagulls. After my ice cream I was allowed to chase the sea gulls which I did for a little while until I chased them all away and no more birds came.
We then walked over to a different part of the city to the Art Gallery because Aunty Jane and Nanny and Grandpa were going to be there. I got very excited when Mummy said it was an "Art Gallery". I thought I would be able to do some of my art, maybe some painting or drawing....but, it was nothing like that at all, only lots of grown ups looking at pictures on the walls. By this stage I started to get very tired, so it was back on the train home and then I was so tired I went to bed at 6.30pm, I took my puppy like balloon to bed with me and woke up in the middle of the night and yelled out to Mummy because I couldn't find Mummy came in to find it then I went back to sleep.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

I don't know why, but Mummy seems to think this photo needed to be the focus of my journal today. Grandpa took this photo when I was having my nap at Nanny and Grandpa's house on Thursday while Mummy was at work. Nanny told Mummy I was very tired (borderline grumpy......I've no idea what she is talking about!!!) we had been at the beach park playing and been to have a picnic with Aunty Emily and wonder I was so tired! On the way back to the house I wanted to pick some flowers and insisted I take them with me to have my nap...then I fell asleep clutching them. I mean wha't the big deal. I am sure people fall asleep holding flowers all the time. One time I fell asleep holding a lolly pop in my hand and when I woke up I carried on eating it as if I hadn't been asleep at all.
Today is a beautiful day. I love to say that. When we leave the house in the morning I always say to Mummy, "What a beautiful day", sometimes it is cloudy and Mummy has to say, "it's not as beautiful as it could be!!!" Mummy and I are working in the garden today. Well, she is working. I am riding my bike around her and then playing soccer and then playing with Sasha.......weeding is not really my thing!!!
Love Sophie xxx

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Busy Girl!

Time sure flies when you are having fun, that's for sure!!!! Last Tuesday we had a little party at our house for all the kids in our playgroup as we all have our birthdays within weeks of each other. It was great fun and my gift was some playdough. I like making things with playdough although so far I am only good at making balls and sausages as they are easy. I can also make a snowman (because thats just balls on top of each other!!!) although, I'm not sure about that as I have not actually ever seen a snowman....I've just been taking Mummy and Daddy's word for it that is what they look like!!!! Anyway, we had lots and lots of balloons and a birthday cake with 3 candles and lots of fun playing with my friends. All the Mummy's said we were all very good little kids as there was no crying and no fights and that I shared my toys very nicely. We just looked at our Mummy's as if to say....Hello, what do you expect...we are big 3 year olds now .....(except me, because I still have 2 and a half weeks to wait...although, I have always been very mature for my age!!!
On the weekend Daddy had to work so I had to play with Mummy. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing with Mummy.....just not ALL the time. I mean Mummy sometimes disappears to clean and wash and vaccuum and fold clothes unlike Daddy he is just the "playing machine".....and he is happy to do whatever I want to do and he is just so so very funny!!!
On Sunday though, I go to church with Nanny and Grandpa and then we go to visit Lally after church. I like to sing in church (but not as loud as Grandpa...he sings very loudly!!!) I like going to church and Nanny says I am always a good girl and lots of people always come to say hello to me and tell Nanny and Grandpa I am very cute. What does cute mean anyway!!
Anyway, Daddy is going on the plane tomorrow to work and he is going to be gone for 6 whole big sleeps. Poor daddy he is going to really really really miss me and me him. He is going to come home the day before his birthday...then after his birthday it is someone elses......I bet you can't guess who I talking about!!!!!!!!
Love Sophie

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How come birds don't wear clothes??

I went with Mummy to buy us a new bath. It is a bath for birds. Wow, I didn't even know birds had to have baths!!! I love having my bath and I can't wait to see the birds having a bath in our new bird bath. We put it outside in the garden and we put coloured stones in there as well and Mummy thinks that we should get a lot of butterflies come as well to drink from the bird bath. That's going to be great because I LOVE butterflies almost as much as I love caterpillars. I don't know if I told you but Mummy is making me a pink caterpillar cake for my birthday. (sorry, had to mention my birthday again!!!!) It's going to have 3 candles on it and 2 smarties for eyes. Mummy said caterpillars after they have finished being caterpillars turn into butterflies. (I'm not sure if this is true because it doesn't seem possible to me!!!) Which makes me wonder about birds again. If they have a bath how come they don't wear clothes???
Love Sophie
Here is a picture of me and my friends Hailey and Ella playing with our birdbath. They love it as well.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Growing Pains

This morning I am still very tired and I am supposed to be excited because we are having our combined play group birthday party today at our house. I am so tired because for the 3rd time this week I have been waking up in the nights because my legs hurt so much. Last night I cried and cried and cried and Mummy was trying to rub them but it still hurt and I couldn't sleep. Mummy said it is because my legs are growing longer as I am getting bigger. She is so clever my Mummy....she knows EVERYTHING!!! Why does it hurt at night time and not in the day time. Anyway, after I had been crying for a while I started to almost fall asleep again and Mummy went back to bed......then....major disaster...I felt around for my baby and then couldn't find baby's bottle...OH I called out for Mummy again and she came to find it. Phew, that was lucky. Then, not long after that, my legs hurt again so Mummy cam in again to cuddle me. This morning when I woke up I looked down at my legs to see how much taller I was after all that growing in the night and I couldn't believe I couldn't tell the difference!!!!
Anyway, my friends will be here soon so I better go and get my party hat on.
Love Sophie

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Party Girl

Yes, that is me. I am a party girl. I have been to 2 birthday parties this weekend. Jordan's and Jayde's. That means 2 times singing Happy Birthday to you and 2 times eating birthday cake yum yum my favourite. Guess what else on Tuesday I am going to another party and also another one next Saturday. I am the luckiest little girl...(well, that is what Mummy says anyway!!!)
It is a beautiful day today and Mummy and Daddy walked me to the park with Sasha. I went on the slide and the swings and did lots of running around. It was great fun. Sasha loves the park as much as me.
That's all I have to say today. I am pretty tired from my big weekend so I am going to have a rest now.
Love Sophie

Monday, September 26, 2005

Am I 3 today Mummy???

Yes as the title states, this is my favourite thing to ask Mummy. I ask her in the morning when I wake up but she always says "not today Sophie". Then I say, "How come", which by the way is another thing I like to say a lot. I am so excited about my birthday I tell everybody. I told my swimming teacher, I tell Julie my day care lady, I tell Nanny and Grandpa, I even tell Sasha and baby Jack (but I don't think they are as excited as me because Sasha is just a dog and Jack is a little baby and he just smiles all day long anyway. He is the smiliest baby ever. I think he must get a sore face from all that smiling. Mummy said when I was a baby like Jack I didn't even smile as much as him. I think it is because he is so happy that he has me for a cousin it makes him so happy and makes him want to smile all day long. When I was a baby I didn't have baby Jack as my cousin yet so maybe that's why I didn't smile as much.

Ok, so, where was I.....oh yeah, my birthday again. Mummy thinks I need to just enjoy being 2 because I am only going to be 2 for one more month and that it will go fast if I keep talking about it ALL the time......I just can't help it.

On the weekend Angus and Molly stayed over at our house. We had a sleep over and it was lots of fun. We played all day long and had icy poles on the slide. The we had fish and chips for tea and a big bubble bath and then when we went to bed, Angus slept on the floor in my room and Daddy made us laugh when he put us to bed. He kept banging his head on the door and pretending it really hurt. It doesn't hurt though, he is just really really funny and we laughed and laughed and laughed so much and Angus said that MY daddy is so funny!!!!

Love Sophie

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wiggles Concert Review

Well, I survived my first concert........just!!! I loved going to Hungry Jacks for lunch with my friends. I ate 3 chicken nuggets some chips and.... don't forget sauce and I drank apple juice with a straw.....just great! Then we went to see the Wiggles. There were lots and lots of little people just like me. When the Wiggles came out I was so excited and then Mummy took Ella and I down to the front so we could dance. It was great. I saw my favourite Wiggle...the yellow one. I also like the purple Wiggle especially when we had to yell out,"Wake up Jeff" to him because he kept falling asleep!!! After a little while I started to get very very tired.
Mummy said, "that's what happen's when you wake up at 5.20am"!!!! Then I got hungry, but I wasn't really hungry, I just was so tired I didn't know what I wanted. Then I spent some time going up and down the stairs with Ella...then I wanted to go home!!!!!! Mummy said there was 15 minutes left of the 1 hour and a half show but I was beyond being enjoyable company by this point so we left before the show finished. I was so tired I could hardly walk to the car and then I fell asleep in the car. When we got home I slept for another 2 hours....all that dancing tired me out!!! Mummy was secretly happy we left a little early because she got home to watch the last quarter of her football team proceed to win their final. When I woke up she told me all about it and now next week the "Eagles" are playing in the Grand Final!!! She was very excited and Daddy was excited too so I am excited if they are excited, even though he usually doesn't cheer for Mummy's team!!
Next Saturday is going to a BIG day when the Grand Final is on!!
Love Sophie

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Wiggles

Today I am going to see The Wiggles. I am so excited. I was so excited I woke up at 5.20am and told Mummy we needed to get ready for the Wiggles. Mummy did not seem too impressed at my early rising. It is now only 6.45am and I have already had 3 breakfasts. I have eaten 2 bowls of cereal (different cereals) and some toast and vegemite. After eating I said, "Are we getting dressed now for the Wiggles", and Mummy said, "No, it is too early". So then I said it again and again and again. Mummy just keeps saying, "No Sophie", I will tell you when it is time. Not only are we going to the Wiggles, we are also going out for lunch first with all of my friends. We are going to Hungry Jacks (Australia's Burger King). I have never been there before but I can see they have slides to play on and Mummy says they make chips (fries). My response to that was......and sauce Mummy. Do they have sauce???? (Ketchup) Sometimes I think I prefer sauce to chips.
So, have I mentioned I am going to the Wiggles today?? Have I told you how excited I am?? My favourite is the yellow Wiggle. He wears a yellow shirt so he is my favourite. Mummy is not as excited as me. You see, her football team is playing in a final today and she is very upset that she won't be able to watch it. The game starts the same time as we see The Wiggles. I like to watch football as well and I know how to cheer for our team, but who would want to stay home and watch football when we could be going to see The Wiggles with about 15,000 other little people just like me. Mummy tried to even get Daddy to take me, but he said something alomg the lines of...."No way and you have got to be joking"!!! I don't think Mummy was joking, because she wasn't laughing!!!
Hey, guess what! I am going to see The Wiggles today...did I tell you yet??? Ok, Ok, I am still only 2 and it is my right to talk as much as I want and say the same things over and over again and also because I am 2 (nearly 3!!) I can get as excited as I want.
PS" What is a "mosh pit"!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Today I had playgroup. Actually I like to call it "crayboot". I am not sure why. I think it sounds right but I get corrected whenever I say crayboot. Mummy says there is no such thing as a crayboot. You can either have a "cray" which is something that comes from the ocean and is a little bit like a Lobster (I had that when I was in Canada!) or you can have a boot. I have pink boots so I know what they are! Anyway, it doesn't matter how hard I try I still call playgroup "crayboot"!!!! I am usually very good at getting my words right but this one is a bit hard for me. Maybe when I am 3 I will know how to say it pwoply (properly that is!!).

Speaking of when I am 3.......the talk in the playground lately has been a lot about birthdays!!! Ella is having a fairy party or a horse party, she's not sure. In fact Ella confuses me a lot with what she is doing. Maddy is 3 in 2 weeks so she is the first one to turn 3. She is having a party at "crayboot"and her mummy is going to make a birthday cake. WOW, I love birthday cake. Then it is Rhys's birthday. He is the only boy (by the way, I know he is a boy because he has a willy) he is having a "superhero" party. Mummy says I am going to have a party as well and I asked if I could have a dolls house for my birthday. Mummy said we will have to wait and see if I am a good girl. So I think it is safe to assume I will get one as I really am always a very good girl. I also want a lollypop, a toy and a birthday cake. A pink caterpillar shaped birthday cake because I love caterpillars!! Mummy says we shouldn't think about our birthdays so much because they are still a long way away. Anyway, I can't wait till I am 3. It's going to be great!

Love Sophie

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Website Make Over

Hello everybody..............welcome to my new look. I hope you like it. I am going to be able to include lots of photo's on this site now......I am very excited about that!!
Here is one of daddy and me playing.......

I am off to swimming lessons this morning and I can't wait. Bridget is the name of my swimming teacher and she is very nice...she tells mummy I am a good swimmer (she also says I am very cute)......after swimming we are going shopping to buy a birthday present for Oliver as he is having a birthday party tomorrow.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Day in the in the life of Sophie ~ Aged 2 and 3/4's

The following is a documentation of Sophie "talk" and an example of what her daily life if like.....
1.00am Yell out for Mummy to take me to the this..."Mummy, I got to weeeee"....Mummy takes me and then tucks me back in bed and I tell her that I am "warm and cosy in my special bed"!!
7.00am Wake up and start talking to my special friends (stuffed toys that I sleep with) in my bed...then start yelling at Mummy..."The sun is awake!!"
7.05am Mummy gets me out of bed and I ask her,
S: "Where's Daddy?"
M: "Gone to work"
S: "In the boat, not the plane"
M: "No, in the work truck"
S: "Ohhhh, but is he working in a boat"
M: "Yes"
S: "What my doing today?"
M: "We are going to clean up and do washing first"
S: "Oh no, not bacuuming(vacuuming!!!)"
M: "Yes, vacuuming and mopping and then we might go visit Nanny and Grandpa and Mummy is going to go to the gym."
S: "Hmmmm, sounds like fun"
S: "Mummy, where's daddy???"
7.10am Sophie watches the morning cartoon programs
S: Mummy I need breakfast
M: OK, let's have cereal
S: Yay, cereal!!
M: Do you want the green box or the brown box?
S: No No No, not the green one, No No No not the brown one....I want another one
M: We dont have another one
S: OK, the green one, but no milk with it
M: Ok
S: Mummy I need milk
M: You want milk now
S: Yes, Yes, yes...milk....silly mummy!!!! :-)
S: Oh Mummy, you are my best friend!
S: Mummy, when is Daddy coming home???
M: Would you like some toast
S: Yes please Mummy..... Thank you very much
M: Oh Sophie, you have such lovely manners
S: I like jam on, I like vegemite on toast
M: How about we do half vegemite and half jam
S: Oh, mummy you are a clever boy
M: No I am a clever girl, not a boy
S: Mummy is daddy a good girl???
M: No Daddy is a good boy.
S: Is Sophie a good girl
M: Yes
S: Is Sasha a good girl
M: Yes, she is a good girl
S: Silly Mummy, Sasha is a good dog!!
S: Mummy I need to get dressed.....I show you...I do it
M: Lets brush teeth
S: I do it, I do it
S: What my doing today????
M: What am I doing today...not What my doing
S: What AM I doing today
M: Thats the house and washing is what I am doing. You can read books or play with your babies or do some drawings.
S: Yay!
S: Mummy I need a snack
M: Sophie you just had breakfast
S: But I am a little bit hungry
M: What about a mandarin
S: Yes please mummy
Sophie plays in her room and talks away to her toys then proceeds to sing them all Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC song. Some toys get told off for not listening. She feeds her special baby milk and then puts her to bed.
S: Mummy, Mummy, Mummy......where are you....... where are you
M: I am outside, hanging the clothes on the line
Sophie comes outside
S: Hi Mummy
M: Hi Sophie
S: Are the clothes all clean now?...good girl mummy!!!!!!
M: Yes, but they are all wet still
S: Oh, but the sun will dry them up right.
M: Yes, that's right
S: Mummy, look, a plane in the sky. Not Daddy's plane is it. I went on a plane. I went on a big plane. I went on the plane with Mummy and daddy but not Sasha.
S: Watch me ride my bike
M: Mummy is going inside now to do the mopping
S: Oh Mama I don't want to do mopping, I'm staying here and playing with Sasha
Sophie plays outside with Sasha and throws the ball and tells her off and bosses her around for a while then gets the shovel and digs in the garden and finds some water in a watering can and pours it on the plants.....
S: Mummy, Im all dirty! I need changing! Im all wet!
M: Your making more washing for me!!!
S: Yes, but Daddy makes the most washing........ but not Sasha!
M: OK we are ready to go and see Nanny and Grandpa now
S: Yay, C'mon mum. No Sasha you STAY.
M: Sasha can come with us
S: No Sasha STAY.....(Sasha ignores Sophie and runs to the car anyway)
S: I'm getting the letters from the letterbox (gets upset because there are no letters in there)
M: The postman hasn't been yet Sophie
Sophie sits in her car seat and Sasha's tail flicks her in the face repeatedly. Mummy laughs because it looks funny and Sophie gets angry at sasha and then laughs because Mummy is laughing.
S: Mama, you think baby Jack is at Nanny's house.
M: Maybe, but he could be asleep so we better not wake him up
S: Mum you going to gym and I stay with Nanny and Grampa and I going to eat Morning tea in the back yard because I am a little bit hungry
Sophie stays with Nanny and Grampa and Aunty Em and Baby Jack are there while Mummy goes to the gym.
Mummy picks Sophie and Sasha up again and they go to do some grocery shopping.
S: I'm going to sit in the trolley....the big part and I be agood girl and then I sit in the tractor...(the tractor is one of those ride on toys in the mall)
M: You will need to sit in the seat because otherwise we wont fit the groceries in the trolley
S: Ok Mummy....but can I pick out my own apple
M: Yes you can
S: Im going to get a big red apple not a big green one
A lady stops by and sayd hello to Sophie and Sophie hides her eyes down and goes very shy!!!
M: Sophie you know how to say hello when someone talks to you
S: I'm a little bit shy
Sophie is a good girl while shopping and very helpfully points everything out...there's milk, bread, etc. Then we go down the "Olives" aisle. Sophie loves olives and is so excited to see so many different jars of olives. Funnily we have no problem going down the candy, chip, ice cream aisle and she never asks for anything....only olives!!!!
M: I think it is lunch time
S: Oh yes, I am hungry for lunch. I like a sandwich, but don't cook it. I like cheese but not cooked on the bread (Sophie is not into grilled cheese at the moment) and continues to eat about 10 olives while lunch is being prepared
S: I want to watch a movie now
M: No because you are going to have a nap
S: But I'm not tired
Sophie goes to sleep after playing in her "new special bed" for about 15 minutes and sleeps for close to 2 hours!!!
Sophie wakes up and has a drink and a snack whilst watching a few afternoon kids programs 0n TV
M: Will and Ella and their Mummy's are coming over to our house this afternoon to play
S: Oh WOW....then jumps ups to dance to a Wiggles song
Will and his baby brother Oliver and Ella and her baby brother Hudson arrive and the older kids run outside to play. We can see them but they are happy running after Sasha and playing. They play on the slide and the swing. Then Will starts playing Batman (Will is 9 months older than the girls!) We like to listen to their chatter......
E: I've got a baby brother
S: I don't have a baby...I have a baby doll and she's sleeping in my bed
E: I have a big bed
S: I have a big bed in my new special room
E: It's my brithday and I like a horse
S: I'm having a birthday cake
The kids sit outside and haver some afternoon tea of fruit, cheese and biscuits
Everybody goes home and Sophie helps Mummy clean up all the toys that are all over the house. Then Sophie helps get the clothes off the line.
S: They all dry now Mum??
M: Yes,they are
S: AHH, Good girl Mum!
S: Oh Mum, these are my knickers.
Mummy starts cooking dinner.
S: Mummy can I see, I want to see, Can I have a carrot.
S: No not a little piece......a whole carrot.
Sophie gets her carrot and takes off back outside and plays on her bike.
S: Mummy, when is Daddy coming home??
M: Soon
S: Soon when?
M: In about half and hour
S: Today or tomorrow
M: Today in about half an hour
S: What are you making?
M: Spaghetti
S: Oooh WOW, I love spaghettio, my favourite
M: Its spaghetti not spaghettio
S: Spaghettio, spaghettio, spaghettio.....
Sophie runs off singing her spaghettio song!!
M: Sophie I think Daddy is home
Sophie runs to the window to look out and see's Daddy's work truck in the front yard and.
S: Daddy home! Daddy home!
Sasha starts barking
Sophie runs outside and Daddy throws Sophie in the air and she gets tickled for about 2 minutes.
S: Daddy can I play in the truck
D: Not today, daddy has to go and have a shower as he is very dirty
S: You have dirt on your clothes
D: I had to work very hard today and in a very dirty and hot tank
S: Daddy you play with me after your shower
D: We are going to have our dinner and then I will give you a bath and play with you...OK
M: Dinner is ready
S: Yay, I am very hungry
Sophie eats spaghetti and gets it everywhere...all over the floor. But thoroughly enjoys it and then starts wanting a bath.
Daddy gets the bath ready......
S: I want BIG bubble bath daddy...BIG, BIG, BIG
D: OK, I will make it big, but we are going to need to be able to see you!!!
S: Good boy daddy!
Sophie plays in the bath with her cups and boats for at leat 20 minutes before getting out of the bath.
S: Mummy, look at me, I am all clean.
S: Mummy get my jamies (pajamas) I want to watch a movie. I want Mummy to watch with me and cuddle.
S: No mummy not those jamies, I want my new jamies!
M: How about these ones.
S: OK those ones. Mummy you want to put your jamies on now?
M: No not yet
S: Mummy I sleep in a big bed by myself with my friends.
S: I want to watch Hi-5, can you dance with me.
Mummy and Daddy dance with Sophie to Hi5 in the loungeroom and are amazed at how well she knows the songs and dances. It is very funny to watch. 3 stories are read and it is then bed time.
S: Daddy it is your turn to put me to bed tonight. Not your turn Mummy but you come cuddle me OK!
D: Ok bed time now, let's go.
S: What my doing today?
D: Today, don't you mean tomorrow???
S: What my doing tomorrow?
D: You have playgroup tomorrow with your friends.
S: Oh yay, I love "crayboot" (she means to say Playgroup!!!!)
Sophie goes to bed easily and it is usually her deciding when it is tine for bed. She sits and plays with her friends for a little while and then falls asleep where she gets her energy for the busy day ahead.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Trip to Sydney

WOW, Mummy has been so slack and not been updating you on my daily antics for such a long time!!! I am very sorry about that but she is pretty busy you know and it is hard for her to remember everything I am doing now as I am just doing so much.

Mummy and I went on a big plane to Sydney to visit our friends Jill, Paul, Tyler, Jaydan and Keira. I LOVED being on the plane again and my favourite thing to play with is still the seatbelt...oh yeah, and pressing the buttons so the lady comes over to ask Mummy what she wants....then Mummy has to say, "Sorry, Sophie accidently pressed your buttons". Mummy said the first time was an accident but the next 6 times were naughty and the man driving the plane, I think his name is Pilot might turn the plane around and take us home!!!! In Sydney I had good fun playing with my new friends and we went to Taronga Zoo. We caught a ferry across Sydney harbour and saw the Opera house and the Harbour bridge...(big deal I say....where are the animals!!) We then had to catch a little car that took us into the sky and dropped us out at the top of the sky where the Zoo was ( Mummy said it was called a gondola!!!) We spent all day walking around and looking at the animals...they had gorilla's and tigers and lions and rhinos' but no elephants because they went on holiday to visit another zoo! I had a really good timebut was very happy to come home and see "my daddy" again!

Then I got a very bad cold and feel very well at all. I just wanted Mummy to cuddle me all day long and that made me feel better. I only felt sick for a few days but I couldn't go to swimming lessons or to Julie's house but I wasn't sad about that because I didn't feel like playing anyway!

Not sure if I have told you that I graduated from the "water babies"class at swimming lessons to the "Kindergarten class". So now mummy and daddy don't come in the water with me and the teacher shows me how to swim. At first I didn't like that mummy and daddy weren't in the water and I cried and cried and cried but last week I was a champion and didn't cry once and I even like Bridget (my teacher ) now. I got another certificate because I can swim solo now with floaties on. Now I can't wait to go to swimming again!!!

Today we are going to clean the house....(mummy's idea, definately not mine and apparently I take after daddy in the "making a mess" department)...but Mummy says I am young enough to change and she is really working on me becuase then she said I can also help her "work" on daddy and we can make him clean up his things as well!!!

Love Sophie

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Big Girl Bed

OK so you thought I was a big girl when I started not neeeding to wear nappies any more!!!! Well, that is nothing compared to this!!! I sleep in a bed now and not in the cot!!!!! In fact, I have a whole new bedroom and it is so beautiful!! Daddy painted it green and mauve and Mummy put "strawberry shortcake" pictures on the walls which are just like the ones in my room in Canada at Memere and Pepere's house. I have a big bed and a nice big blanket on it that is lots of different colours and has butterflies and sunflowers and bees on it. So anyway, I was so excited when I got home from church yesterday because my brand new room was ready. I jumped on the bed for about 15 minutes and then told Mummy that I was tired and needed my nap!!!!!! After she got herself off the floor from shock that I be the one to suggest my day time sleep she let me climb into my own bed and I went to sleep for 2 straight hours!!!!!! Then last night I could hardly wait for 7.30pm to go to bed. Wow, being a big girl is SO much fun! It is now the morning time....(I know that because the sun is out!!!) So I slept all night long and woke up at 6.55am which Mummy calls a "reasonable time"!! Mummy was so pleased I actually didn't fall out of bed and she is also surprised I actually slept through all the noise Daddy made when he got up and got ready for work at 5am!!! :-)

Also, I forgot to tell you about my excursion last week at Julie's house. I went on a big green bus for a ride and then we took it to the bus wash. I got a little bit scared when the bus driver told Julie I had to move because I was standing near the door and might get wet and I heard him so that made me want to go home! Then Ella (my best friend in the whole world!!) sat next to me on the back seat and we watched and sang songs......"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round......" it was great fun!

Well I am sure Mummy has another busy and exciting day planned for me today so I better go and get myself....oh yeah, have I told you I am a big girl yet?

Love Sophie

Monday, May 02, 2005

Baby Jack Arrived

OK, where do I start. So much has been going on in my busy life, I will try to remember it is some of it.....

1. I have a brand new baby cousin. His name is Jack Darcy and was born on 18th April and is very very very cute...(just like me!) He came out of Aunty Emily's belly, (yes, I am not sure about that one either!!) I love to go and visit him and I have seen him have his bath and his nappy changed which I find very fascinating. I am also allowed to hold him but I have to be very careful and there has to always be a grown up sitting next to me. So now I have 2 boy cousins, one older and one younger. I am a lucky girl...(so Mummy keeps telling me!!)

2. Maryse and Dan have gone back to Canada. They went on a big plane like the one I have been on before. I am sad that they have gone as I miss them a lot because I liked to play with them and they made me giggle.

3. I turned 2 and a half years old (april 29th) and am getting so big. I weigh 12 kilos am 84 cm tall and have a size 6 shoe. I go on the big toilet every single time and never have any accidents!!!! I own 3 pairs of Nemo knickers and 4 pairs with Mickey mouse on them but the Nemo ones are my favourite!!! My favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognaise but I will also eat whatever is put in front of me, I just get more excited when it is spaghetti. I LOVE to eat green stuffed olives and I like to snack on seaweed rice crackers. I love to play with my babies and take them for walks, put them to bed and feed them and change their nappies. When I am shopping for groceries with Mummy, I am allowed to pick out my own apple from the fruit is my special treat!!
I like to watch cartoons and do drawings of Sasha, Mummy and Daddy. I know my full name is SOPHIE EMMA BELLIVEAU and I live in Heathridge. I know that Memere and Pepere live in Canada and I remember playing in the pool with them. I like to play with Sasha and boss her around a lot which Mummy and Daddy say is not very nice. I go to church every Sunday with Nanny and Grandpa and I am always a very good girl.

I know that this Sunday is Mother's Day and that I am supposed to remind daddy because he is not very good at remembering things like that....( so Mummy says!!!)
Anyway, today I have playgroup with my friends and I can't wait to see them. I hope I get to wear my new pink boots!!!

Lots of love

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I just came home from Julie's house which is where I go for my daycare and I can now say a new sentence. The sentence is "I don't want to"!!!! I have only been home for 2 hours and I have practised saying "I don't want to" at least 20 times. In fact the minute Mummy or Daddy ask me anything I just say "I don't want to". It seems to get a fair bit of attention but I think Mummy and Daddy are getting tired of hearing it.......oh well, repetition is what us 2 year olds are into!!!!!
Tomorrow I go to Nanny and Grandpa's house while Mummy and Daddy go to work. No doubt I will be able to say "I dont want to" to them as well and see what their reaction will be!!! They will probably take me to the beach so that will be fun.
I have to go and have a bath now.....yippeee, I love having baths!!!
PS: Hey, but the way....WHO is the Easter Bunny and why are all my friends talking about him?????

Monday, March 14, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PEPERE!!!!! It's Pepere's birthday today and I hope he has a great day and that he get's a birthday cake so that he can blow out all the candles......not sure how many he has but I bet you it is more than 2 because that is how many I had on my "Nemo" birthday cake when it was my birthday. Oh, I also hope that he gets some good presents and lots of toys (because that is what I would like if it were my birthday!!!!)
I have something very important to tell you all........(stop reading if you don't like talking about poos and wees!!!!) I have been doing poos on the potty all the time now for at least a week. I mean I was doing it before but sometimes I would forget and sometimes I would wait for my nappy to go on because I wasn't really sure about doing it on the potty, but anyway, now I am so clever at it I go on the potty all the time and have had no accidents at all.
I have been helping Mummy today. First I helped with doing the grocery shopping and I might add that I am very good at shopping and if I am really good I get to eat an apple while I wait in the trolley. Today when Mummy was looking for some steak a lady walked past my trolley and said to another lady, "Hello Lorraine" and I copied her and said" Hello Lorraine" as well to the lady and she thought that was very funny.....I am not really sure why, but she called me a "cheeky monkey".
This afternoon I have been helping Mummy make dinner. I get to eat carrots when she chops them and I also get to stir the gravy. Mmmmm we are having Roast Chicken with vegetables. Yum Yum.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have had my very first hair cut. It was quite the experience and very frightening I must say. Mummy had been telling me what was going to happen and I was quite excited about it.......until....we walked in the hairdressers and I saw a lady with a pair of scissors cutting hair off a lady's head and I thought to myself....there is no way that lady is doing that to me!!!! I mean, is that even safe, I know I am not allowed to use scissors and my 2 year old instincts made me think it was not going to be a fun experience. So, I cried and cried and cried and cried as loud and as best as I know how. I cried so much we had to walk out of the shop and into a shop that sells chocolate frogs and jelly snakes (my favourite treats) (By the way mum, I have figured out how bribery works!!!!!) I even got one of each (wow) and stopped crying only long enough to gobble them both up and started howling again once we re entered the hairdressers and the lady with the scissors said to mummy, "maybe if she sits on your knee's she will stop crying" and Mummy said, " we can do that but no, she will only stop crying if we leave". That's my mum, she is so clever and even knows me better than I know myself!!!! As she was right and I would not stop crying and then Mummy said, if you sit still and stop crying Mummy has a special new toy that you can have when we get home....ooohhh I thought she really is pulling out all the tricks and bribes for me to stop crying and I thought about is for a few seconds in between deep sobs....meanwhile scissors lady had already chopped off my lovely locks from the back. I have to say it really was all over in a matter of minutes and I look really really grown up and my new bob style really suits me. I kept admiring myself in the mirror and then it was time to leave......oh yeah, and get my new toy!!! So then we went to show Nanny and Grandpa my new look and they were very impressed and I heard Mummy tell Nanny and Grandpa that that is the last hair cut I have for a very very very long time because it was a torturous (what does that mean????) experience for her and everyone else in the hairdresser's shop. Anyway, that is OK as I am going to grow my hair long now, just like Mummy's!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Monday, February 21, 2005

I am so clever because I received my first swimming certificate last Friday at swimming lessons. The certificate was given to me because I am able to climb out of the pool all by myself with no one helping me at all. Mummy put the certificate on the fridge and everybody that come over gets to see it and tell me again how clever I am. I LOVE swimming lessons and almost everyday I ask mummy when I wake up if I am going to swimming lessons and she always says, not today, on Friday. Friday usually takes a really long time to come around as it seems a long time to wait.
Tomorrow I am going to Julie's house as that is my day care. I love going to Julie's house as I play all day long with my friend's Ella, Will and Casey. We do paintings and drawings and we dress up in funny clothes. We all have a sleep after lunch in the playroom and we all lie next to each other and Ella always makes me laugh when we are supposed to be sleeping and then Julie always says, "eyes closed please" and we do it but only because she says please.
Love Sophie

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Last night I was little bit naughty and kept waking up and calling for Mummy. I started at 11pm and kept going every 15 minutes until 1.30am....not sure why, I just wanted Mummy to come and see me and then I would ask to go and sleep in her bed. Anyway, Mummy was not too impressed and she seemed very tired this morning at 5.30am when I woke up...........
Anyway, I have had a busy day today as first I went to play at Nanny and Grandpa's and Grandpa took me to the park. Then I went back to Nanny's and Mummy was there to take me home again, except we didn't go home we went to a big play centre with lots of bouncy castles and fun things for me to play with. We saw my friends Will and Jayde there and I had so much fun running around and jumping and playing. Then we had chips (fries for the Canadian readers) for lunch and they were very yummy. I had so much fun I didn't want to go home. Mummy would say, "Sophie, time to go home now" and I would say, "Not yet, but soon"......I say that for a lot of things. So then Mummy would wait a little bit longer and I would keep running around and then all of a sudden I got so tired I couldn't find mummy and I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes and waking in a crooked line. Mummy picked me up and I fell asleep in the car before she even started the car up. When we came home I slept for over 2 hours.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hello again. Well, I am one month older since my last journal entry. Mummy was unable to use the computer due to some technical difficulties, but now I am back to tell you all my news. The biggest news is that I have just come home from a holiday on Rottnest Island, ( an Island 11 km's off the coast of Western Australia....for all my non Aussie readers!!!)I went with Mummy and Daddy but Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Jane and Aunty Em and Uncle Carl were there as well and I had lots of fun. We had to get there by boat and that was my first trip on a big boat. We stayed in a little chalet and we went to the beach everyday. Daddy even buried me in the sand with only my head sticking out. That was pretty funny because I couldn't see my I kept saying, "Daddy, have you seen Sophie's legs???" and Daddy would say, "No, I can't find them" and then I would laugh a lot because it was very funny.

I did lots of bike riding as well on Rottnest Island, actually daddy does all the riding and I sit on the back in my own special seat. Daddy can ride very, very fast and sometimes I give him a running commentary about all the things I can see along the way, like, trees, dogs, other bikes, babies in prams, colours of cars etc.........but sometimes he goes so fast everything is just one big blur. I also liked to go to find quokkas, these are a little animal like a very small kangaroo and they come out in the afternoon and they are very friendly. Everyone would take turns to take me out to find some and I asked about 100 times if we could go to find them.

So now I am back at home and Daddy had to go to work again this morning on the plane. I am a bit sad about that but Dan and Maryse are here to play with, so that is good fun. Tomorrow all my friends are coming over to play and I just can't wait, a brand new baby is coming as well because Haileys Mummy had a new baby and it came from her belly. ( I know this because her belly was very big and then she had the baby and the belly went away!!!)

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Joyeaux Noel and Bonne Anee!!! I am so sorry I have not kept you informed on my activities and antics over the past 2 weeks. I am beginning to understand why mummy and daddy call Christmas time...."the silly season"!! It is a very busy time and I got really, really tired of going shopping with mummy practically every day for a week before Xmas. Every morning when I got dressed I would say to Mummy..."No go shops today mum, OK" and she would say "we just have to go quickly". If that wasn't bad enough, on one of these shopping trips I got up close with the big fat man in the red suit that I vaguely remembered from last Xmas.....let me tell you, he is just as scary one year down the track. Mummy insisted we sit next to him again for a photo and I just about screamed the place down but don't worry it seems I am not the only one who doesn't like Santa as I saw other kids like me crying....and even louder than me I might add!!!
Anyway, all was forgiven when I woke up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had bought me. In actual fact, I was really more into unwrapping the gifts than caring about what was inside but I did the "Ooohs and Aahs" to please my audience (Mummy, Daddy, Dan and Maryse...and Sasha of course) Sasha even got a gift, she got 3 new tennis balls!!!! My favourite things were my new colour pencils and colouring book, my new little tiny baby and bottle, some puzzles, my pink dog from Memere and Pepere and a little train from Matante Ginette, Mononcle John and Justin. It was so much fun opening presents and everyone else got some presents as well and then the best part..........I was allowed to eat some chocolate and BEFORE breakfast......there was some chocolate Santa's in my stocking and thats when I realised how different Christmas day is to any other day!!!!!!! Then for lunch we went to Nanny and Grandpa's house and they gave me a gardening set with a little wheelbarrow and watering can included so I can now help working in the garden. Aunty Jane and Uncle Carl and Aunty Em gave me some gifts as well. I got a "toy story" stacking box toy and Aunty Jane gave me some little dresses, a bag and some very "groovy" sandals!!!! It was a very hot day so I played in my pool while everyone sat outside and had lunch. Then by 2pm we all came home and I am pretty sure everyone including me had naps. I woke up first of course and then Mummy and I watched my new "Lion King 2" DVD and I played with my new toys. Then there was a big lightning storm and it got very dark so we watched the rain and then daddy woke up and we were all glad it had rained because then it wasn't so hot anymore!!
Ok, so that was how I spent my 3rd Xmas day! I will be back later to fill you in on the rest of the week.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie