Monday, September 19, 2005

Wiggles Concert Review

Well, I survived my first concert........just!!! I loved going to Hungry Jacks for lunch with my friends. I ate 3 chicken nuggets some chips and.... don't forget sauce and I drank apple juice with a straw.....just great! Then we went to see the Wiggles. There were lots and lots of little people just like me. When the Wiggles came out I was so excited and then Mummy took Ella and I down to the front so we could dance. It was great. I saw my favourite Wiggle...the yellow one. I also like the purple Wiggle especially when we had to yell out,"Wake up Jeff" to him because he kept falling asleep!!! After a little while I started to get very very tired.
Mummy said, "that's what happen's when you wake up at 5.20am"!!!! Then I got hungry, but I wasn't really hungry, I just was so tired I didn't know what I wanted. Then I spent some time going up and down the stairs with Ella...then I wanted to go home!!!!!! Mummy said there was 15 minutes left of the 1 hour and a half show but I was beyond being enjoyable company by this point so we left before the show finished. I was so tired I could hardly walk to the car and then I fell asleep in the car. When we got home I slept for another 2 hours....all that dancing tired me out!!! Mummy was secretly happy we left a little early because she got home to watch the last quarter of her football team proceed to win their final. When I woke up she told me all about it and now next week the "Eagles" are playing in the Grand Final!!! She was very excited and Daddy was excited too so I am excited if they are excited, even though he usually doesn't cheer for Mummy's team!!
Next Saturday is going to a BIG day when the Grand Final is on!!
Love Sophie

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