Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the many faces of Luc

Luc sure knows how to turn it on.  He has many facades.  He also says some really crazily strange things and we have no idea what goes on inside his head sometimes!!
sweet Luc...butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!
Silly Luc

On the go Luc.... must be something more fun happening somewhere

Cheeky Luc

Being funny Luc...what, what you looking at me for!!

PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE...when he wants something really badly!!

Ohhh, why not....didn't get what he wanted!

Maybe I'll try a different funny face...that may work...

What about another cute look???

Really not going to give in to me are you???

Some random funny things Luc has said lately :
1. with a finger in his nose...."Mummy, I think I can feel my brain from here"!!!
2. Luc: Hi Mum, I'm just going to run away from home right now.  Mummy: really? Luc: acshawee (actually) your supposed to be sad and try to stop me!!!!
3.drops something on his foot and says..."oh gosh darn it"!
4. Luc says to Mummy, I wish we were a REAL family.  Mummy said "why aren't we a real family Luc"?  Well we don't have a baby, you need a baby to be a real family, like Sari and Jack, they have a real family cos they have baby Kai !!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter 2011

What fun we had in Margaret River this Easter.  Not only our family but Valerie, Nanny, Grandpa, and the Barrett's were all there staying in Valeries house for the fun and games.  We had the great  "Great Big  Cricket Easter Challenge" as you can see in the photo I am 50 not out...HOWZAT!! 

Such form!  I'm surprsied the Australian cricket team is not knocking down our door to sign me up...such talent!!

Here is beautiful baby Kai....what is he looking at????

Oh, of course, he is looking at me I am about to climb a tree!!! (that wasn't meant to rhyme on purpose, but I kind of like that is does!!)  Having a Rope Technician expert as a Dad is so cool!!

Sari and Luc.....loving squeezes, not choking or heads in  locks.....well, not at this time anyway!!

Daddy coming down the tree after he set up all the ropes and made sure it was safe for us.....did you check for snakes dad??

Jack, another future Aussie cricketer in the making....

my turn in the harness....


I can see the Ocean from here....

Luc so happy his turn is next!!

Luc's turn

Luc loving it!

Daddy entertaining us! 
Hey, haven't we seen this one already

I HEART Kai, he is the best baby in the world....almost 7 months old!

Luc "fishing"......Sari breaking it to him, you won't catch a fish on land Luc...

Luc not going to give up...Sari still consoling!!

5 in the bath....not sure how clean we got in this bath, but it was so much fun!!

A "Fairies" crossing at Boranup Forrest.  I was so hoping we would see the fairies!!

Dinner time for Kai, eating his oranges!

Beautiful forrest

Everybody put your hands in the air....Valerie as well!

Bushwalking with Aunty Em and Kai as well

who can get the blackest feet??

 little cousins exploring the property

Easter egg hunt after church on Easter Sunday!!

Easter Bunny spoilt us!  Nanny and Grandpa helping us look for them!

me doing the final count......
back soon
with more to show and tell......
Sophie xxxx