Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Weekend getaway to Gingin

We had a lovely weekend to Gingin again last month! We went with a few other families and had such fun playing " pioneers"!!! We made a fire and kept it going all day! We had to take turns being on charge of it and we also "cooked" stuff.... Like lemons and apples!! We also made perfume from leaves and flowers!! It was soooooo much fun especially when we all got rides on the quad bike 👍👍!!


Luc had his 7th birthday on Saturday! Hard to believe we have had 7 years of Luc!! He had a great day and in typical Luc fashion started the day at 545 am....Didn't  want to miss a thing!! He had 5 of his friend over for lunch and then we took them all to "Go Bananas", an indoor play gym where the boys could run and play and literally..." Go bananas"!!!  Afterwards we headed back home for birthday cake and another play! He loved his Minecraft cake i made ... ) even though to me it looked more like the edge of a cliff!!)   We finished off the afternoon with visits from Nanny, Grandpa and Aunty Em, Uncle Carl, Jack, Sari and Kai!   Watching "Ironman" with Daddy was the finale of the day, though Luc really only saw the first 10 minutes of it as he fell fast asleep.... Totally exhausted!!