Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well, happy belated easter everybody!!!!! I am so sorry that I have not been keeping you informed of my many adventures but my Mummy has been very busy as well just trying to keep up with me, let alone type my diary for me!!! Daddy has had to go away to work again, but he will be home in 4 more days and I am already getting excited about seeing him again. I have had my second Easter and Mummy and I went to Margaret River with Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Jane, Aunty Emily, Uncle Carl, Great Aunty Valerie and Great Uncle John. It was so much fun and I really loved always having someone available to entertain me. My favourite thing was to walk around the property and explore the forest. For all my Canadian relatives, Margaret River is 3 hours south of Perth and a very popular holiday town and we stayed in Aunty Valerie and Uncle Johns beautiful house and there are so many trees all around and lots of lovely gravel stones for me to play with. I was so sad that Daddy couldn't come with us this time but I was kept so busy anyway. I was such a good girl and I even enjoyed the car ride down and didn't complain too much but luckily Mummy sat in the back and was able to read me lots of stories on the way.
Mummy also had a great time because my Nanny and Grandpa and my lovely Aunties are always so happy to look after me. On Saturday and Monday, Mummy took me for a 10 kilometre walk which was great fun because all the way I pointed things out to Mummy. Well, the things I know how to say....cow, horse, car, tree. Mummy was most impressed with my knowledge but this really wore me out so I had a sleep in my pram. On Easter Sunday I went to Church and was most impressed with all the things I can do in church. I can walk from one end of the seat and back and I have so many people to stare at especially behind us. I was a very good girl in Church but I didn't want to sing the last song...(I found the singing fascinating......also Grandpa has such a loud voice that I haven't really noticed before!!!!) so I walked down the aisle and Mummy had to follow me and lots of people smiled at me and told Mummy how cute I was!!! I had a hot cross bun for breakfast and I also had a little Easter Egg.......mmmmmm ....yum, yum!!
I have to go to bed now so I will tell you more later,
Bye Bye
Love Sophie