Thursday, November 14, 2013

Growing up....

These girls have been friends for 6 years.... So cute to watch them all grow up but still be buddies.... We went camping to Dongara for a week with all of them and their families... Was a great time!

Is it just me or does Sophie all of a sudden look about 14.... Yikes! Such a sweet, kind, caring girl! Xx

Birthday breakfast for Sophie

Happy 11th birthday Sophie

Hard to believe yet Sophie turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago!!!  Where did those years go!!  She was soooooo excited for her 11th birthday and her disco party with friends.  Once again she told me at the end of the day..."this was my best birthday ever"....yep, she says it every year!  So cute!

So there was lots of music, games were played, dance offs and an "Ocean Reef's got talent" competition...lots of fun and also very loud!!  The rainbow cake i made was a big hit and also quite easy...the kids loved it!

 Dancing and more dancing...friends having fun!

Sadie the wonder puppy getting some love from the party guests as well.....

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Sophie and Luc's first time trick or treating!!! They LOVED it! We love our new neighbourhood! We had a few friends come over and we all went together. We just walked a couple of streets and only went to the house that seemed
Welcoming, some had Halloween decorations put the front, balloons etc.... The kids all received a few chocolates and lollies! Lots of fun! When we got home we had a few trick treaters come to visit us.... The kids loved it just as much!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Weekend getaway to Gingin

We had a lovely weekend to Gingin again last month! We went with a few other families and had such fun playing " pioneers"!!! We made a fire and kept it going all day! We had to take turns being on charge of it and we also "cooked" stuff.... Like lemons and apples!! We also made perfume from leaves and flowers!! It was soooooo much fun especially when we all got rides on the quad bike 👍👍!!


Luc had his 7th birthday on Saturday! Hard to believe we have had 7 years of Luc!! He had a great day and in typical Luc fashion started the day at 545 am....Didn't  want to miss a thing!! He had 5 of his friend over for lunch and then we took them all to "Go Bananas", an indoor play gym where the boys could run and play and literally..." Go bananas"!!!  Afterwards we headed back home for birthday cake and another play! He loved his Minecraft cake i made ... ) even though to me it looked more like the edge of a cliff!!)   We finished off the afternoon with visits from Nanny, Grandpa and Aunty Em, Uncle Carl, Jack, Sari and Kai!   Watching "Ironman" with Daddy was the finale of the day, though Luc really only saw the first 10 minutes of it as he fell fast asleep.... Totally exhausted!! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another certificate for Luc....

Luc received another merit certificate last Friday at the school assembly!! Clever boy xxx

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Luc's first Merit Certificate

Luc received a Merit Certificate at the school assembly recently! What a little champ! He is doing very well in school and enjoys learning! Of course his favourite subject is still recess and lunchtime and playing football on the oval! Like Sophie he learns Italian at school as well. He says, one of his favourite things at school is when he gets to see Sophie..... Awwwwww, cute xx
His certificate says ...." For having an amazing attitude at school and giving everything a go with a huge confident smile!!!"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gingin Getaway

Freya, Sophie, Sofie, Libby, Max and Luc
Was just going through some photos on my phone and realised I never put any photos on the blog from our "school holiday getaway to Gingin"!! Back in April, we went to a friends farm for a couple of days and fun was had by all!! Gingin is only a 45 minute drive from our house, yet we felt like we were far, far away!!
3 mums and 6 kids and we spent the day exploring the paddocks and talking to the cows!!  The kids named all the cows and seemed to know "who was who". We made a big picnic lunch and then went out into a paddock and had a picnic with the cows!
Picnic lunch
Farmer Luc off for some exploring
The kids all chatting on the swing
Max and Luc..."being boys" making pretend guns out of sticks!
Luc and Max hanging out on the swing
time to go back home!  A stop off for a milkshake in town before we left!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cross Country Carnival

Sophie and Luc had their school cross country races last Wednesday! It was Luc's first time and he had to run 750 m!!! He had a rough start and was accidently knocked over at the starting line and had to pick himself up, dust himself off and then run! He ran like the wind and soon caught up with the other 29 racers, overtaking them all! He placed third!!! A fantastic effort and he was so proud of himself!!!  He received a medal and wore it everywhere.... Even to bed where he continued to admire it before falling asleep!   Sophie had to run 1.75 km and she was not too thrilled about it!  As she states " running is really not my thing"!!!  Though proud of her efforts as well she placed 14 th out of 26.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sophie and Luc have been bugging me for ages to but them "onesies".... All in one pajamas for those that dont know!!! It's certainly got cold out there lately so they love being all snuggled up in their "onesies"!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coral Bay holiday!!

A few weeks ago we went to Coral Bay , a 2 hr flight north of Perth..(or by car its a 16 hr drive, but we flew... Thank goodness!) Coral Bay is a tiny "1 street town" home to the amazing Ningaloo Reef. We stayed a week and spent everyday at the beach snorkelling and viewing amazing coral and sea creatures. Swimming with turtles for Sophie and Denis as well as seeing reef sharks was also a highlight!!  Sophie and Luc were great little snorkellers! 
Yum yum... BBQ spicy squid with Vietnamese salad... Sophie has become an adventurous eater!!
We went out on a catermaran for a whole day and fit in 3 snorkelling trips... The water was incredibly warm!
Sophie and I
On the back of the catermaran in the net!
Chilling and chatting in the pool after a big day snorkelling!!
Denis and Sophie in the net!!
Luc as i am taking the photo: mum: "is it okay if I wee in here"????
Happy kids!
On the catermaran!
Beach fun
Exhausted after a huge snorkel! Nap on the catermaran!
Denis and Sophie
Luc getting on the net... Glad no one fell off, would've taken a bit of effort to turn the catermaran around!
More relaxing!

Looking for fish!
Here they come.... Goldband snapper practically jumping on to the boat!
Colouring in time...
Denis and I
Snappers are snapping!
Hello Dude... Turtle swimming by!
Snorkelling time..a good time was had by all! Coral Bay, we will be back for sure!!!