Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Week

Book week is great fun at school. On Friday we get to dress up as a character from a book we like. At first I was going to dress up as "The Magic Faraway Tree" but that costume became abit complicated. Then I was going to be "Rapunzel" but then Mummy said that "Pipi Longstocking" could be a good idea. So thats who I went as...Pipi Longstocking!!

My friend Indiana went as a lizard from the book, "The Magic school bus"...she won the prize for best dressed.
I had crazy coloured stripey tights on but you will have to imagine what that looks like because Mum didnt capture my legs in these photos!!.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi folks...sorry about missing in action!! We've been busy people. Busy doing what I can't recall, but just busy...ok!
We got the difference. Luc's is much shorter and Sophie has a fringe. They look older if you ask me. Luc in particular looks more like a "big boy" everyday and with that comes "big Boy attitude"!!!!

who me??? This adorable face??? Attitude.....I don't know what you mean Mummy?

What, just cos I wear a T shirt trying to sell my sister???

Big not amused!!!
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Owl in the backyard

We have an Owl in our tree in the backyard. He has taken up residency in our tree for the last 2 weeks. Every night he flies somewhere but every morning he is back and spends the day just hanging out. He is pretty cool. We like having a pet owl andnot only that.....don't seem to have a mouse problem anymore :-)
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