Saturday, October 30, 2004

I am now officially 2 years old......just incase I hadn't mentioned it before.....haha!! So, I had a great day and I will explain my whole day to you.
I started it at 12.05am when I decided I would yell out for Mummy to come in and hopefully wish me a "Happy Birthday". Mummy came in to my room and she didn't even mention my birthday, she just mumbled something that sounded like..."lie down and go to sleep". I don't think she is too impressed with my night wakings...then, I woke her again at 2.30am and then at 5am, I was up for good and raring to start the day. Once again Mummy was not too impressed at my early rise and let me watch my "Toy Story" movie and happily drink my milk and rotate my 17 dummies!!!! (slight eggageration there!!) So after an hour of this I got up only to discover Mummy was up as well and cleaning the bathroom and sweeping and being unusually fast moving for this time of the morning. Then it dawned on me, today was my birthday party. I started getting very excited because Mummy and I were practising the "Happy Birthday" song.

When I went out to sit at the bench for breakfast I spotted a lolly on the counter and Mummy let me eat it. Ok, now I start getting really excited...a lolly before I am really loving this birthday thing. Mummy was busy cutting fruit and then making fairy bread and little cakes. I was allowed to watch the Teletubbies and then Toy Story again, this has already become the best day of my life!!!
Then Nanny came over and brought some little cakes with orange icing and smarties and guss what....I was allowed to eat one. Somebody, wake me from this is not even 9am and I have had a lolly, cake with smarties, fairy bread and watched Toy Story twice!!!!

Nanny and Grandpa bought me a cradle and highchair for my babies and I love it. Then Angus arrived with his mum and little baby sister Molly. They bought me a present and I got a mirror that tells me I am special and beautiful and also a really long necklace for playing dress ups.
There were bowls of lollies and cheezels on the tables and I am having so much fun. Then more of my friends arrived.....Maddy gave me a book and it is about being "Best friends" will I tell her that Ella is my best friend.....then Ella arrived and she gave me an easel so I can draw and paint and then Jack arrived and gave me 2 books which I am going to really like because they have pop up things in them, then Will came and he gave me a Mrs Potato Head, Taj and Kobi gave me some very cool sunglasses and a baby teletubbie. Lenny was a bit late as he had to do his swimming lessons and when he arrived he gave me some new white sandals.

I played and played. Mostly I wanted to play with my babies and my new cradle and I spent a lot of time putting the blankets on baby and telling everyone to "Sshh" so baby could sleep....some kids are just so loud!!! My friends played with all my things but I didn't mind as long as they didn't touch my babies or new cradle I was happy.
We ate sausage rolls, little fishes, nuggets, fairy bread and fruit and lollies and we all had our own apple juice. I am sure it was the best party ever.

Then we played a game called "Pass the Parcel". We sit in a circle and we pass a parcel around and when the music stops the person holding the parcel unwraps a sheet of paper and gets a little toy. This goes on until the end where the last person wins a bigger toy.

Mummy made a "Nemo" cake and all the other Mummy's said she can now win the "Mother of the Year award" because her cake was so good. All the kids loved it and we all chose what part of Nemo we wanted to eat. I had his special fin!! Everyone sung Happy Birthday and then I blew out the candle. I loved the singing and the hip hooray at the end! At the end I said..."More"!

By this time I was starting to feel very tired, I mean after all, I was up at 5am and half the night, so a few of my friends also had to go home to have sleeps and then I went to have a sleep as well...(I kept my new sandals on!!) I woke up an hour later and was so pleased to see some of my friends still here so we played some more.

Later that afternoon, Aunty Jane came over and gave me some very nice shorts and sandals and some cool books. Then Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl came over and gave me a new tricycle. It is pink and geen and has a little wagon in the back. I got very spoilt but was feeling very, very, very tired. Aunty Jane gave me my bath and then I went to bed. It is tiring work being 2 thats for sure. I am pretty sure Mummy went to sleep not long after me as well as she was very tired as well.

So that is my whole first day of being 2 summed up. The only sad part was that Daddy was at work and I didn't see him or Grandpa as he is at work as well. Also Memere and Pepere and Ginette and John and Justin and all my lovely Canadian Relatives are in Canada and I couldn't see them either and I miss them all so much. For my party I wore an outfit that Memere and Pepere bought me when we went shopping together so I made sure I told everyone where it came from and they said I looked pretty in it!!

OK, so my next big news is that daddy is home tommorow and we are going to pick him up at the airport. I can't wait to show him all my new things. Yay!!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sophie is 2 TODAY!
Happy Birthday Sophie!


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I am counting down to my last few days of being a one year old. I am so excited about being 2, it's going to be great. It's just going to start opening up all kinds of new doors for me. First of all, I am going to be able to communicate so much more effectively. Apparently soon, lots more people will start understanding what I am trying to say ...(I know this because I have older friends and they have told me this is what happens!!!) One other thing is that you get to start doing more things by yourself, like put shoes on, get dressed (still getting the hang of that one), sit on the big potty, (yep, still learning that one as well!), sing songs, read( I bet you didn't know I can read already!!, well, actually I can't really, but I like to turn the pages and pretend I am reading exactly what it says.(It fools a lot of people!!) So many more things I will be able to do and I am going to let you all know about them when they happen.
Anyway, I am having a party on Friday because that is my birthday and my friends are coming over and after I show them all MY toys and MY room and exactly what they are allowed to play with, (Nothing) because I don't like to share that much, except for Ella, she can play with what she likes because she is my BEST friend in the whole world. Apparently I will like sharing more when I am 2 but right now I like knowing everything is MINE!!!
Oh yeah, Mummy said she is going to make a cake that looks like Nemo. He was my favourite when I was one but now my favourite is Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, but I didn't want to hurt Mummy's feelings because she is very excited about making a Nemo cake and she probably doesn't know how to make a Buzz or Woody birthday cake.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mummy and Daddy have a new computer and I just can't understand what all the fuss is about. It looks just like the last one if you ask me, but they sure are excited about it. I think this is one of those things, (like so many more things I am constantly reminded of)...that I will appreciate when I am much bigger.
Anyway, Daddy has been home from work all week so we have been having lots of fun and I have been getting very spoilt with lots of horsey rides. Mummy told Daddy that I have been "testing" her a lot as I have been having the odd tantrum. I am not really sure what that all means but I have been doing a lot of crying and screaming when I dont get my own way and I have even surprised myself at my endurance....I can really scream for a long time, I am actually very good at it. The only problem is, sometimes I cry and cry for so long that I actually forget what I am supposed to be crying at and then I just give up because it all seems so pointless and it makes Mummy very sad.(That's what she says anyway!!!)
Guess what, last night I actually slept through the whole night and didn't cry out for Mummy once. I went to bed at 7.30pm and woke up at 6.05am. Mummy was so excited but she's like that, she gets excited about silly things.....(like new computers!!!!)
Today Sasha and Mummy and I went to the park with Ella and her Mummy Jo. I had to keep reminding Ella when it was "MY turn" on the slide and then I also pointed out to Ella at least 10 times "MY Mummy" , "MY snack" and "MY Sasha"....just incase she thought everything was hers because I've decided that most things are mine unless it is something broken and then it's not MINE, but if it gets fixed then its MINE again. We saw lots of ducks in the lake and we laughed when Sasha chased after the magpies. It was a very warm day and after my nap I played in MY pool and Mummy put MY slide in the pool and lots of MY toys. It was lots of fun.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sorry I have'nt updated you all for a little while but I am just such a busy little girl!!! I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but I am almost 2 years old and I am noticing that I am way more grown up than I have ever been before so sometimes it is hard to find the time to write my diary!!!! I have been attending a lot of birthday parties and it has been so much fun. I know how to sing "Happy Birthday" and I practice is all the time. Daddy is away at work and he gets to go in a big plane but, he is coming home in 5 more sleeps, so I am going to be very happy to see him and play with him again.
I like to watch the "telletubbies" on the televisiion and it has been a long time since I last watched my old favourite...."Nemo" on TV. I am also talking so much more and I can say so many words. Mummy said I am just like a little girl and not a baby anymore and I have even been sitting on the big toilet like a big girl. I am still not very good at sharing my toys but I am getting much better and I still miss Memere and Pepere and especially Justin. Mummy shows me their photos everyday but I don't understand why I can't see them anymore.
I am tired right now as I am getting new teeth and they really hurt. I will write more later
Love Sophie