Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day

Happy Australia day! I had a great day today. We went to Ella's house for a BBQ breaky (breakfast for all you Canadians out there!) Lots and lots of fun swimming in the pool all day. Lots of games, lots of fun food, lots of laughing. lots of kids!!! Even Luc was a good boy for Mummy and Mummy had lots of people wanting to hold him (cos he is so cute!) so she had a nice break to!!!!

I really missed my daddy today though, because daddy loves pools and he would of had so much fun and also, he is very very funny in the pool and all my friends think he is the funniest of all the daddy's!!!! Sometimes he pretends he is a whale and he flops out of the water and yeah, he is just funny!

Very very hot today....42 degrees!!!!!

(By the way daddy...if you are reading this on your ship where you are working out in the middle of the ocean.....Mummy said to say, "the pool wasn't that nice and the other daddies said the beer wasn't that cold , so you really didn't miss out on much!!!!!) **aussies are a sarcastic bunch aren't they!**
Oh yeah, and beer is OK for breakfast on Australia Day!!!!!!!!!
Bye for now

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The art of headband wearing

Not many people can pull of wearing a head band the way I do!!!! I have become very fashion conscious lately...(since being 4 really) and this morning for example when Mummy said, "Sophie are you going to get dressed today"...(for about the 4 th time!!!) I decided I would go and choose my outfit for the day. I am getting very good at matching the outfits and today I thought my red headband would go very well with my pink chosen outfit.

Mummy keeps asking me if I need any help putting my head band on!!!!!!!! WHAT is her problem and WHY does she want to take a photo!!!!!!!......doesn't she know this is how you wear them, she is just "so out of touch" with fashion these day...hmmmm *sigh*

Peter and the Wolf!!!

Last Friday night Mummy, Luc, Nanny and Grandpa took me to Kings Park to see my very first stage production. It was called "Peter and the Wolf" and it was held in Kings Park under the trees. It was GREAT. I LOVED it. I know the story very well because Nanny has it on CD and I always listen to it and follow along with a little book. Sometimes I go and get all her pots and pans and wooden spoons and make the sound of the drums and I am very good at being really really loud!

Anyway, we took blankets and pillows and as you can see by the photos, I think I had the best seat and could see everything. Not like little brother Luc who slept through most of it...(why doesn't he do that at home!!!!!) You can also see the "wolf" in the photos. He looked scary, but I wasn't scared, I just loved watching the whole thing and loved all the costumes.

Afterwards we went to the playground and I pretended to be a fireman and practised sliding down the pole to go and put the fire out. I can't wait till there is another play on that I can go see. Bye for now



Monday, January 22, 2007

Having fun

We have been a bit busy lately. Daddy has gone away to work and will be home in 7 more sleeps! So mummy is extra busy looking after me and Luc. My little brother is not very good at sleeping. Doesn't matter what Mummy tries....he just wants to play all day longnad all night as well. I try to help and sing him lullabys, but he just gives me his big gummy grin nad makes laughing sounds. Mummy says he is a bit of hard work at the moment but still thinks he is ever so cute and ever so clever. He had his first swim in the neighbours pool and he loved it. Today we are off to the park to play with all my friends and then after that I am going to Ella's house for a swim in her pool.....yippeeee!!!

Bye for now,
Sophie xxxx

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cricket boy!

I have been staring a lot lately at this square box showing a lot of green grass and men wearing white. It is called "cricket" ! My Mummy and daddy seem to really like it and I am quite often plonked down on my playmat and we all watch it. Big sister Sophie doesn't like it and she is usually off playing somewhere as she is quite busy for a 4 year old....aloways something happening for her. Not like me....laying around all the time! ...I just watch the cricket. I was there when Shane Warne got his 700th test wicket (this is apparently a big deal!), I was there when Australia beat England 5 -nil in the Ashes series...(this is an even bigger deal!) I also watched Shane Warne, Justin Langer and Glen McGraths's last ever test matches (don't know who they are and don't care all that much!).........maybe in years to come when I am a big boy, mummy and daddy will remind me I watched this. If they don't, I am sure Grandpa will.....he is REALLY into cricket!!!! He watches it all the time as well.
It was while watching cricket that I did something special and Mummy just happened to catch it on camera.....I rolled over. I started getting a little excited (about the cricket) and rolled right over onto my back and wondered how I managed to do it.....since then I have been practicing rolling a lot. Here are the pics to prove it...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sophie Wisdom

1. Mummy do you know what pockets are???? They are clothes with little bags in them!!!

2. Sophie: Mummy can you get my colouring book because I want to do some "colouring out".
Mummy: You mean "colouring in".
Sophie: No, I mean "colouring out". I'm not good at keeping in the lines and when you go over the lines I call it"colouring out"!

3. Sophie: Mummy, when you were a little girl, was I in your tummy!
Mummy: No, not when I was a little girl.
Sophie: Oh, so did the angels still have me then and was that when I had wings!!!!

4. Whilst driving in the car and observing street signs.... we pass a sign saying "workmen ahead and then 2 triangles"
Sophie: I just saw a sign with 2 pyramids on it. That must mean there are pyramids ahead, maybve there are camels as well?????? OR, maybe it is two tents and a family sleeping in them?????

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our holiday at the neighbours house


Welcome to the New year!!! Not actually sure why we needed a new one. What was wrong with the old one????? Anyway, I don't care what year we are.....all I know is I wish it was Christmas everyday!! I am still wondering how Santa knew what I liked and what I needed. I have been asking Mummy and Daddy about this everyday and they just say, "He is Magic"!!!! I figure if I ask too many times, I will finally get the REAL answer!

Anyway, our neighbours have gone on holiday and we are "looking after" their pool for them. So, everyday, we go next door to make sure the pool is OK. When we find it is still OK, we then go for a swim. It is like going on holidays again....but so close to home!!! They even have palm trees in their it is almost like being in Hawaii again, except I am missing Memere, Pepere, Justin, John and Ginette. I wish they could come here and swim with me :-(

love Sophie xxx

It's all about Luc

Is this not the cutest face you have ever seen!!! My little brother Luc is just getting cuter everyday!!!!! Now......if only he could sleep more, Mummy says he would be "PERFECT"!!!! Mummy also can't be this cute AND a good sleeper!!!