Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our holiday at the neighbours house


Welcome to the New year!!! Not actually sure why we needed a new one. What was wrong with the old one????? Anyway, I don't care what year we are.....all I know is I wish it was Christmas everyday!! I am still wondering how Santa knew what I liked and what I needed. I have been asking Mummy and Daddy about this everyday and they just say, "He is Magic"!!!! I figure if I ask too many times, I will finally get the REAL answer!

Anyway, our neighbours have gone on holiday and we are "looking after" their pool for them. So, everyday, we go next door to make sure the pool is OK. When we find it is still OK, we then go for a swim. It is like going on holidays again....but so close to home!!! They even have palm trees in their it is almost like being in Hawaii again, except I am missing Memere, Pepere, Justin, John and Ginette. I wish they could come here and swim with me :-(

love Sophie xxx

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