Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day

Happy Australia day! I had a great day today. We went to Ella's house for a BBQ breaky (breakfast for all you Canadians out there!) Lots and lots of fun swimming in the pool all day. Lots of games, lots of fun food, lots of laughing. lots of kids!!! Even Luc was a good boy for Mummy and Mummy had lots of people wanting to hold him (cos he is so cute!) so she had a nice break to!!!!

I really missed my daddy today though, because daddy loves pools and he would of had so much fun and also, he is very very funny in the pool and all my friends think he is the funniest of all the daddy's!!!! Sometimes he pretends he is a whale and he flops out of the water and yeah, he is just funny!

Very very hot today....42 degrees!!!!!

(By the way daddy...if you are reading this on your ship where you are working out in the middle of the ocean.....Mummy said to say, "the pool wasn't that nice and the other daddies said the beer wasn't that cold , so you really didn't miss out on much!!!!!) **aussies are a sarcastic bunch aren't they!**
Oh yeah, and beer is OK for breakfast on Australia Day!!!!!!!!!
Bye for now

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