Thursday, February 01, 2007

4 months old

Wow, 4 months old aready!!!!
Where has the time gone!! Well, if you ask Mummy I am sure she will say it has passed in a "sleep deprived haze"!!!!! Those that know me, know I am not the greatest sleeping baby in the world...not even close. In fact Mummy says I am right up there with some of the worst!
I say to mum, Hey, you can't have everything. I have gotta be up there with being the cutest and funniest and as hard as it is to believe "happiest".....hard to believe considering I don't sleep much.
So here I am 4 months old......
I weigh 6.5 kilos
I am 63 cm long
I have brown eyes (they have kind of changed to this colour more and more lately)
I sleep 3 lots of 20 minute sleeps during the day ...(on a good day)
I go to bed at 7.30pm..then wake 30 minutes later and at least 6 times in the night.....until 6.40am every morning when I start talking to my toys on the wall ....and Mummy gets me up for the day!
I can roll over from front to back
I dribble a lot...(maybe I am getting teeth already)
I smile at EVERYONE that puts their face close to mine
I am very happy to sit in my pram and look around without getting grumpy for a couple of hours
I like lying on my play mat and looking and talking to my toys
I can say "aggoo", "gooaah" and gooo" (not sure what they mean)
I love milk (mummy makes the best!)
I am definately very very cheeky
I have the best big sister in the world and my eyes light up whenever she looks at me. I am constantly looking around whenever I hear her beautiful voice
I like all kinds of music... Daddy's guitar playing, daddy's "loud music and Nanny's classical music and especially Bob Dylan, he can quiet me in 10 seconds flat.
I have the stomach muscles of a 12 month old (according to the doctor!!!!) hey, may as well exercise when you are awake all the time.
I am the luckiest baby to have the best Mummy and Daddy in the world
I have the TIREDEST mummy in the world.

Here is me at 4 months old....yeah yeah, "SPIT HAPPENS!"
Also one of me with one of my mummie's favourite friends.....Trish. I kind of look like her, don't you think!!!! I think Mummy was wanting her to take me home one day.....(after a particularly rough night with me!!!!!!

So, I think it is obvious there is definate room for improvement in the sleep department. I'll keep it in mind... ha ha!!!!!!!!!
Luc Daniel Belliveau

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Aunty Jane said...

Hey Luc,

I hope your cousin that arrives in July likes to sleep more than you do!

Love Aunty Jane