Sunday, February 04, 2007

First day of Kindergarten

Last Friday was my first day of kindy!!! I was so looking forward to it. I picked out my clothes the night before and packed my "school bag"!!
I had a good nights sleep although at 4am I woke up and remembered that we had forgotten to get my hair cut. Mummy had always said, before kindy starts I would get a haircut. So, I decided I better go and tell 4am!!!!! Mummy said we could talk about it in the morning!!! Then I decided I would sleep with Mummy and daddy for the rest of the night. It's OK , there is room in there, because Mummy spends half the night in Luc's room!!!!!!
So my kindy is really fun. My teacher is called Mrs Huggins...that's becasue she said she likes hugs!!! I did paintings and played with playdough and some of the kids. I can't wait to go back next Thursday.
Love Sophie


Anonymous said...

you look very cute for your first day of kindy!!!! You will be the teacher's pet for sure!

Aunty Jane said...

Hi Sophie,
Can't wait to hear about your kindy days! Maybe mummy can pop over on weekend and we can chat!
Love Aunty Jane xxx

yazan said...

Hey Sophie, Wonder what happened with the haircut. why didn't you get it yet? Or did u decide to keep it the lovely way it is right now?