Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kindy update

On the way home from Kindy on Friday I say to Mummy......"I made a new friend"! Mummy says, "That's nice, what is her name". I say, well, I was sitting on the mat and I said to this little girl...."will you be my friend" and she nodded. Mummy says again, "what is her name"??? Hmmm, can't remember her name BUT.......she had piggytails with pink ribbons, a purple skirt on, a green t shirt with a yellow flower on it, pink sandals, a "Dora the explorer" school bag, a "Tinkerbell" lunchbox and a "Barbie" drink bottle, she had a banana for her snack AND she had a beads bracelet and a strawberry on her necklace!!!!!
Mummy said, "So, you remember ALL that, but you don't remember her name"?????

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yazan said...

hahah,, You smart little girl :P