Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter....

Would he not make the cutest little Easter Bunny??? With his hand made ears that he made at Kindy, that he insisted on wearing to the shopping centre and hopped along like he really was the Easter Bunny!
Very Cute.
Be back soon with all the details of how we spent Easter 2011 :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nap time and kindy update

I would love to know what goes on in Luc's mind sometimes. Like WHY he would find it neccessary to take all the cushions and pillows off the couch and then drag his and Sophie's blankets into the lounge room only to climb on top of the mountain of cushions and fall asleep!!! Of course when you look as cute as this when you are asleep it is hard for this mummy to get annoyed. Don't you just love how when he sleeps he ALWAYS joins his hands together and tucks them under his head!!!

 Luc is enjoying kindergarten so far. He loves his teachers and they are loving him. Even saying how good, helpful, caring and well behaved he is!!! ( I still think they have got their kids mixed up but I'm running with it for now!!) He loves playing with his friend Niall!!! There are lots of lovely kids in his class but he only wants to play with Niall, (he has told me, the other kids are "all a bit too happy and remind him of Patrick from Spongebob!!!" so he follows Niall around and sits with him (almost on top of him!) and does whatever Niall is doing. I am thinking Luc is quite smart as Niall is actually double the size of Luc, I think Luc feels quite "safe" with Niall. I am not looking forward to the day when Niall is absent from kindy, Luc will be lost!! Kindy is only every Tuesday and Thursday and on Wednesday Luc does gymnastics. The coaches are amazed at how fast and strong he is....not us, just like Daddy he is born to climb!!