Friday, November 28, 2008

Are they dry NOW???

I I may have mentioned once or twice or 10 times about how "particular" I am about my clothes!! Probably the last time I talked about it was back during my "leggings" phase...when I was all about the leggings. Well, for about 3 months now, I am all about the fact can't remember the last time I wore leggings, (They are so yesterday!) I LOVE my jeans, they are so comfortable and they have pink flowers on the bottom. I have another pair as well with love hearts on the back but those ones aren't my favourites. This morning I had a major crisis when I realized that my "favourite" pair were being washed. You see, my mum is SO good she manages to get my jeans washed on the 2 days per week I have to wear my school sports uniform to school, that way my jeans are always available to wear. WELL, this morning they were being washed. Shock, horror, I was thrown into a complete spin and had to wear something else.

Lucky for me the sun is shining and my favourite jeans only took 34 minutes to dry. How do I know they took 34 minutes.... because folks, I watched them dry!!!!!! I put my stool on the lawn and checked them regularly and kept asking mum, "do you think they are dry now"????

Mummy thinks I am crazy (therapy is still not out of the question she says!!!) but she also thinks I am very funny and so darn cute!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello there,
Today Mummy took Luc and I to Hillarys Marina to play on the beach and in the playground and also walk around the shops (boring) and then buy banana ice cream (yum). Daddy is away working hard still and Sundays are usually a hard day to fill in..(that's what Mummy says anyway!) It was good fun and a beautiful day, we played "chasey" at the beach and who would of thought but Mummy is still quite a fast runner..... Luc and I kind of have bad coughs at the moment so it was nice to play in the sun for a while. The funniest was when we had ice cream and Luc had his all dripping down his arm and on his shoes and will just have to imagine how funny it was as Mummy forgot to take her camera and photograph him but as we were in a very touristy place at least 3 other people did photograph him...they were from Japan and when I asked Mummy, "why are they taking photos of Luc with ice cream everywhere"??? she said, "Well, in Japan little boys are very clean and dont get ice cream all over themselves plus they like to take a lot of photos!!! That must be true because they even asked if they could take a photo of me and I didn't have ice cream everywhere!!!

This afternoon we went to see baby Havana and I got to cuddle her a lot and play with Cisco.... and then pizza for dinner on the way home, yay!!

As there are no photos taken today, here are some from the "Great Basketball Hoops Shooting Contest" daddy and I had a couple of weeks ago......of which I won I might add..... I cant wait for him to come home so we can have another competition....12 more sleeps...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being 2!!

Bubble Boy!!!

Jumping "air guitar"

Smiling bath boy!!
Owner of many dummies!!!
Computer nerd!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Party Party Party

I had my birthday party last Saturday. It was the party of the year for sure! 20 of my best friends came and we had a Magician and he was so funny and clever and did real magic and all!!! I was his special helper to help him do tricks and I don't know how he did it but it was MAGIC!!!

The party food was delicious. Mummy made these very cute fairy wands with different coloured icing and she made me a "Cupcake birthday cake" in the shape of a number 6. Then she made some Ladybird, flowers and butterfly cupcakes.......the kids loved them and everyone agreed that I have the best mum in the whole world..."mother of the year"...ha ha...(who do you really thinks writes this!!!!)

The magician made every one of us a special balloon. he could make anything we wanted...dinosaur, tiger, ladybird, flower,
sword. He made me a pink love heart because I was the birthday girl!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Six years old already!!!

Finally my birthday arrived. Being 6 is so cool. I got a Nintendo DS......a pink one and I love it.

Do you like the groovy shirt and jacket Memere and Pepere sent me???? I have barely taken them off in a week...(ok maybe once or twice but only to get washed!!!)

My cousins Jack, Sari, Cisco and don't forget baby Havana came over to our house with Nanny, Grandpa, Lally (great grandmother) Aunty's Jane and Em and Uncle's Carl and Ian. I got to give Havana lots of cuddles!!!

We had some Ice cream cake....Yum Yum. As always my favourite part of the whole birthday....the cake AND getting "Happy Birthday" sung to me. Be back soon to tell you all about my fantastic party I had last Saturday.
Love Sophie