Friday, November 28, 2008

Are they dry NOW???

I I may have mentioned once or twice or 10 times about how "particular" I am about my clothes!! Probably the last time I talked about it was back during my "leggings" phase...when I was all about the leggings. Well, for about 3 months now, I am all about the fact can't remember the last time I wore leggings, (They are so yesterday!) I LOVE my jeans, they are so comfortable and they have pink flowers on the bottom. I have another pair as well with love hearts on the back but those ones aren't my favourites. This morning I had a major crisis when I realized that my "favourite" pair were being washed. You see, my mum is SO good she manages to get my jeans washed on the 2 days per week I have to wear my school sports uniform to school, that way my jeans are always available to wear. WELL, this morning they were being washed. Shock, horror, I was thrown into a complete spin and had to wear something else.

Lucky for me the sun is shining and my favourite jeans only took 34 minutes to dry. How do I know they took 34 minutes.... because folks, I watched them dry!!!!!! I put my stool on the lawn and checked them regularly and kept asking mum, "do you think they are dry now"????

Mummy thinks I am crazy (therapy is still not out of the question she says!!!) but she also thinks I am very funny and so darn cute!!!!

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