Saturday, November 08, 2008

Party Party Party

I had my birthday party last Saturday. It was the party of the year for sure! 20 of my best friends came and we had a Magician and he was so funny and clever and did real magic and all!!! I was his special helper to help him do tricks and I don't know how he did it but it was MAGIC!!!

The party food was delicious. Mummy made these very cute fairy wands with different coloured icing and she made me a "Cupcake birthday cake" in the shape of a number 6. Then she made some Ladybird, flowers and butterfly cupcakes.......the kids loved them and everyone agreed that I have the best mum in the whole world..."mother of the year"...ha ha...(who do you really thinks writes this!!!!)

The magician made every one of us a special balloon. he could make anything we wanted...dinosaur, tiger, ladybird, flower,
sword. He made me a pink love heart because I was the birthday girl!!!!

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