Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello there,
Today Mummy took Luc and I to Hillarys Marina to play on the beach and in the playground and also walk around the shops (boring) and then buy banana ice cream (yum). Daddy is away working hard still and Sundays are usually a hard day to fill in..(that's what Mummy says anyway!) It was good fun and a beautiful day, we played "chasey" at the beach and who would of thought but Mummy is still quite a fast runner..... Luc and I kind of have bad coughs at the moment so it was nice to play in the sun for a while. The funniest was when we had ice cream and Luc had his all dripping down his arm and on his shoes and will just have to imagine how funny it was as Mummy forgot to take her camera and photograph him but as we were in a very touristy place at least 3 other people did photograph him...they were from Japan and when I asked Mummy, "why are they taking photos of Luc with ice cream everywhere"??? she said, "Well, in Japan little boys are very clean and dont get ice cream all over themselves plus they like to take a lot of photos!!! That must be true because they even asked if they could take a photo of me and I didn't have ice cream everywhere!!!

This afternoon we went to see baby Havana and I got to cuddle her a lot and play with Cisco.... and then pizza for dinner on the way home, yay!!

As there are no photos taken today, here are some from the "Great Basketball Hoops Shooting Contest" daddy and I had a couple of weeks ago......of which I won I might add..... I cant wait for him to come home so we can have another competition....12 more sleeps...

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