Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Six years old already!!!

Finally my birthday arrived. Being 6 is so cool. I got a Nintendo DS......a pink one and I love it.

Do you like the groovy shirt and jacket Memere and Pepere sent me???? I have barely taken them off in a week...(ok maybe once or twice but only to get washed!!!)

My cousins Jack, Sari, Cisco and don't forget baby Havana came over to our house with Nanny, Grandpa, Lally (great grandmother) Aunty's Jane and Em and Uncle's Carl and Ian. I got to give Havana lots of cuddles!!!

We had some Ice cream cake....Yum Yum. As always my favourite part of the whole birthday....the cake AND getting "Happy Birthday" sung to me. Be back soon to tell you all about my fantastic party I had last Saturday.
Love Sophie

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