Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The week before Christmas....

Two more sleeps till Christmas!!! I am so excited ! Here is my own Christmas check list:
1. Write letter to Santa
2. Write another letter to Santa (in case he didnt get the first one!)

3. Write extra letter to Santa (you never know, the second one could of got lost!)

4. Write 4 th letter to Santa to say Luc hasn't been a good boy ALL year!
5. Write 5 th letter to Santa to say even though Luc is not good all the time could he still bring him a small surprise.

6. Write 6th letter to Santa to explain how to get in to our house...(we don't have a chimney you know!!)
7. Write 7th letter to explain that Luc wakes a lot in the night and even if he is awake could he still leave some presents for me!! (I am a bit worried about the song....."Santa Clause is Coming to Town",.......he knows when you are sleeping, he knows if your awake..... !!!!!!
You will never guess what!!! Santa wrote back to me!!! He said he was glad I had been a good girl all year and also reminded me to leave a snack out for him and the reindeers!!!!!!

So last week Mummy took Luc and I on the train into the city of Perth. We went to "Santa Land" and sat on Santa's knee and also rode a little train to the North Pole.(Not the real North Pole of course, a pretend one in Santa land) It was good fun. Afterwards we sat on the grass and had lunch and looked at all the really tall buildings before catching the big train home again.
We've been going to the beach a lot as well. Mummy and Aunty Em took Luc, Jack and Sari to this beach last week when I was having my last day of school. It wasn't a very sunny day but they had fun...(even if I wasn't there to keep them all in line and entertain them!!!)

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