Sunday, December 25, 2005

And so that was Christmas.......

I had the best Christmas ever! It started at 6am when I woke up and yelled out...."Has Santa been"????? then I raced out of bed to the loungeroom and Yes, he had. He had taken the carrot for the reindeers and eaten his snack and I couldn't believe my art easel...a pink "princess castle" tent for the back yard and a whole stocking full of surprises. I got some books, new beach shoes, a Lilo and Stitch DVD, a colouring in book and new crayons, some binoculars, some chocolate money, Angelina Ballerina and some hair clips. I ripped the chocolate open and ate is straight away, so yummy!!! We had breakfast and then we went to the beach and picked up Aunty Jane on the way. I ran into the waves and swam and had lots of fun.

After that we went to Nanny and Grandpa's for lunch. There were more presents there especially for Jacky boy and me. I got a new dress, a little purse, necklace, books, and card. I even rememebred to say "Thank you very much". It was so much fun opening all those gifts. I was such a lucky girl. We had lots of yummy food....prawns, crayfish, oysters (yuck) fruit and then lamb, chicken, ham and pork and roast potatoes with gravy (I love gravy!!!) Then we had ice cream and plum pudding....very delicious (yes, I said that!) We had to come home and all have a little sleep.

When I woke up I did some painting with my new easel and we had some friends come over. I like playing with Jasen and Katie but they are much older than me. Jasen is 7 and Katie 11 but they are my friends and I like following them around.

What a big day it was. I can hardly wait for next Christmas but in the mean time I will have lots of fun playing wiht my new things!

I hope you all had a great day like me! Here are some photos of my day. Some at the beach and some with Nanny and Grandpa, Aunty Emily, Jack and one of Mummy, Daddy and me!
Love Sophie
PS: I am wearing my pretty dress that Memere and Pepere sent me from Florida last year in the photo up top opening my presents!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all!

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and just between you and me ( and that is if anyone is even actually reading this!!!)I am a little nervous, yet very excited about tonight. I know Santa is coming at some stage and I have just checked with Mummy that he won't make a big noise and frighten me, to which Mummy has said, "I won't hear a sound"!!! In the morning I get to go and see if he leaves me anything under the tree. I hope so. Mummy and I have asked for a "art easel" so I can do paintings and drawings on it....oh yeah, and lots of surprises would be nice!!! We have left him some milk and cookies for a snack and a carrot for his reindeers. I thought that maybe 1 carrot wasn't enough, but Mummy has assured me Reindeers know how to share...(also, we had no carrots left!!)
Today was Grandpa's 68 th birthday as well. We went over to Nanny and Grandpa's house this afternoon and it was good fun. Baby Jack was there and guess what everybody....he is almost crawling!!!! WOW! I know, I know, I am excited as well. Soon, he will be running after me and yes, I know, probably catching me as well!!!! Grandpa was born so close to Christmas.....Mummy said that is why he is called 'Noel'......I'm just not sure I remember exactly why it is that he is called 'Noel' and that is has anything to do with me he is just Grandpa and lots and lots of fun!!!
Happy Christmas,
Love Sophie

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jack's Christening

Yesterday we went to church, mummy too!! We had the normal church part and then after that Jacky boy had to get water poured all over his head. He even liked it. He was smiling and happy and even the priest said he was so cute!!! So 2 whole hours of church and I was a very good girl even if I do say so myself. Afterwards we went and had lunch at Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl's house and CAKE!!! But no candles. Poor Jack, he got presents and a cake but NO CANDLES!!!!! It was explained to me that it wasn't a birthday but I mean, presents and cake IS A BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Lucky Jack is so little still and he wont realise he didn't get a candle on his cake!!!

Daddy is home in 3 more sleeps and Santa comes in 5 sleeps...yipppeeee. I am not sure which one I am most excited about!!!

Love Sophie

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Conversations with cereal!

Very cute conversations overheard this morning at 6.30am by a 3 year old Sophie and a bowl of cheerios! (Sophie is the voice for the cereal as well!!)

Sophie: hello cereal, how are you today
Cereal: I'm good...are you going to eat me
Sophie: Yes, you are going to live in my tummy
Cereal: No, no, don't eat me
Sophie: I have to eat you because you are my breakfast
Cereal: No eat that other one first
Sophie: Ok, I will eat this one and then eat you and you will live in my tummy
Cereal: Thank you very much
Sophie: It's OK, I am going to eat all these cereals so you will have friends in my tummy.

A bit later, when cereal is all eaten.....
Sophie: "Mummy, my tummy says it is all full"
Mummy: That's good
Sophie: "Oh, hang on a minute, my tummy is talking to me....ok tummy, I will ask for you........Mummy tummy says it could fit in ice cream!!!"
Mummy: Tell tummy that ice cream is not breakfast food!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Although the weather has been terrible (according to Mummy and daddy!!!) , I mean it hasn't been warm at all and I am even still wearing my winter pajamas at night time!!!'s supposed to be summer and nice and warm because Christmas is coming and we need to go to the beach for a swim on Christmas morning because we do that every Christmas...(well, that's what I am told and I just go along with it as I actually don't really remember last Christmas of the one before that!!!)
OK, so apart from the weather not being Christmassy....we have a new Christmas tree and we put it up and it looks great!!!! We need to get more lights and then it will be perfect. Here are some pictures of daddy and I putting up the tree.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Daddy's home

Mummy and I went to the airport last night to pick up Daddy. I was so excited I couldn't sit still so Mummy and I sang the whole way there. I learnt some new Christmas Carols....and we sang some made up silly songs. I had to wear my pajamas because it as past my bed time. I was very excited when Daddy finally arrived. I kept saying to Mummy, "do you think daddy will be funny, when he gets in the car"??? , because he is usually very funny ALL the time. He gave me a toy parrot, but it doesn't say anything, I like it a lot!!

So I slept in this morning till 7.40am......Mummy said it is a new "record" sleep in late time. We had to go to playgroup today because it was the last day for playgroup for the year and we were having a little Christmas party. Mummy tried to get Santa to come but she told us that he had phoned her to say he was very busy making all the toys and visiting all the shopping centres, (well, he is in the shops whenever we are there and once I even saw 3 Santa's in one day.!!!) Anyway, me and my friends were not too sad about not seeing him because we all admitted that we are just a little bit afraid of him. Phew, I am glad I am not the only one that gets a bit scared by him!!!!! It was fun at the party and after we all got a little present and we made Santa faces from red paper and cotton wool balls.

Mummy had to work today so I played with Daddy after my huge 3 hour sleep this afternoon. Mummy thinks I must be growing again because I am having lots of sleep lately!!!!I am tired again now. Bye bye
Love Sophie