Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jack's Christening

Yesterday we went to church, mummy too!! We had the normal church part and then after that Jacky boy had to get water poured all over his head. He even liked it. He was smiling and happy and even the priest said he was so cute!!! So 2 whole hours of church and I was a very good girl even if I do say so myself. Afterwards we went and had lunch at Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl's house and CAKE!!! But no candles. Poor Jack, he got presents and a cake but NO CANDLES!!!!! It was explained to me that it wasn't a birthday but I mean, presents and cake IS A BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Lucky Jack is so little still and he wont realise he didn't get a candle on his cake!!!

Daddy is home in 3 more sleeps and Santa comes in 5 sleeps...yipppeeee. I am not sure which one I am most excited about!!!

Love Sophie

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