Saturday, December 17, 2005

Conversations with cereal!

Very cute conversations overheard this morning at 6.30am by a 3 year old Sophie and a bowl of cheerios! (Sophie is the voice for the cereal as well!!)

Sophie: hello cereal, how are you today
Cereal: I'm good...are you going to eat me
Sophie: Yes, you are going to live in my tummy
Cereal: No, no, don't eat me
Sophie: I have to eat you because you are my breakfast
Cereal: No eat that other one first
Sophie: Ok, I will eat this one and then eat you and you will live in my tummy
Cereal: Thank you very much
Sophie: It's OK, I am going to eat all these cereals so you will have friends in my tummy.

A bit later, when cereal is all eaten.....
Sophie: "Mummy, my tummy says it is all full"
Mummy: That's good
Sophie: "Oh, hang on a minute, my tummy is talking to me....ok tummy, I will ask for you........Mummy tummy says it could fit in ice cream!!!"
Mummy: Tell tummy that ice cream is not breakfast food!!

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