Monday, August 25, 2008

First haircut

How do you like my new haircut???? Mummy cut it herself under the guidance of big sister Sophie (who apparantly knows about cutting hair!!!) She tried to keep my gorgeous curls at the back but I basically got an all over trim. I feel so "grown up", not a baby anymore thats for sure. Now I am a big boy!! Here are some photos from different angles.......

Now for the really big news........the moment you have long been waiting.......there IS a reason why I wake so many times in the night, the doctors have finally figured it out......I have something called "Obstructive Sleep Disorder" and am going to need a little operation to fix it. The doctor says my tonsils and adenoids are as big as an adults...(just like my brain I say, ha ha) and he is surprised I am even able to swallow my food!!!!!! See, Mummy knew there would be a reason!!!!! She is a little disappointed that it has taken this long for them to figure it out and realise she isn't making it up that I wake some nights hourly!!!! So I am getting the adenoids taken out and I also have to get little tubes put in my ears to drain the huge amounts of fluid that keeps gathering in there and then I should be good to go. My operation is next Friday and then hopefully after that I will start "sleeping like a baby"!!!!!

Anyway, look at me, still as cute as ever wouldn't you say!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Circus is in Town!!

It's been so long since I have updated you all. I am so sorry. As the grown ups always say..."Time flies"!!! (What does that actually mean??) So going waaaaaayyyyy back to a few weeks ago........Mummy went away for 5 whole days on a plane to Melbourne for a Conference for her work and Luc and I were left in the good care of Daddy with the extra help from Nanny and Grandpa. We missed Mummy a lot but we had loads of fun with daddy and taught him lots of, "the importance of wearing matching hair clips" and "ice cream is ok for breakfast"!!! (Actually it was more like morning tea). I think Daddy was very happy when Mummy came back to take over the job of "Chief House Controller"!!!
Then we had Nanny's birthday party. Nanny was "70" and everyone thought that that was a big number, but I said it can't be that big of a number as I know how to count to that much!!!!! As always my help was invaluable with the opening or her presents and blowing out candles on her cake (I even have an assistant, cousin Jack)....not to mention eating the cake. I am just so good at helping out where needed and my speciality really is birthday parties. I just can't wait for my own which is in aprroximately 60 days in case I haven't mentioned it before!!!!
Then last Friday night Daddy took me to the Circus for the first time ever. I loved it and stayed up really late to watch the end. The circus is right down the bottom of our street and you can see it from our front yard so it is very exciting to have a circus so close to our house. Nanny is taking Jack and I again today because the Circus is here for a whole month....I am so lucky!
Luc couldn't come to the Circus with us because he needed to go to bed and Mummy said, "Luc would be a nightmare" at the circus. He doesn't know how to sit still for a long time yet and he still hasn't learnt how to do as he is told AND he likes to run away a lot....... but that is ok as he is only an almost 2 year old and that can be expected at that age!!!

This is me, Nanny and Jack about to walk to the Circus. We are out the front of our house....can you see the "big tent" in the background through the trees!!! Luc and Sasha are waving us good bye!!

Daddy has now gone away for a month....but one week has passed already...yay! Back soon

Love Sophie