Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sophie and Luc have been bugging me for ages to but them "onesies".... All in one pajamas for those that dont know!!! It's certainly got cold out there lately so they love being all snuggled up in their "onesies"!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coral Bay holiday!!

A few weeks ago we went to Coral Bay , a 2 hr flight north of Perth..(or by car its a 16 hr drive, but we flew... Thank goodness!) Coral Bay is a tiny "1 street town" home to the amazing Ningaloo Reef. We stayed a week and spent everyday at the beach snorkelling and viewing amazing coral and sea creatures. Swimming with turtles for Sophie and Denis as well as seeing reef sharks was also a highlight!!  Sophie and Luc were great little snorkellers! 
Yum yum... BBQ spicy squid with Vietnamese salad... Sophie has become an adventurous eater!!
We went out on a catermaran for a whole day and fit in 3 snorkelling trips... The water was incredibly warm!
Sophie and I
On the back of the catermaran in the net!
Chilling and chatting in the pool after a big day snorkelling!!
Denis and Sophie in the net!!
Luc as i am taking the photo: mum: "is it okay if I wee in here"????
Happy kids!
On the catermaran!
Beach fun
Exhausted after a huge snorkel! Nap on the catermaran!
Denis and Sophie
Luc getting on the net... Glad no one fell off, would've taken a bit of effort to turn the catermaran around!
More relaxing!

Looking for fish!
Here they come.... Goldband snapper practically jumping on to the boat!
Colouring in time...
Denis and I
Snappers are snapping!
Hello Dude... Turtle swimming by!
Snorkelling time..a good time was had by all! Coral Bay, we will be back for sure!!!

Four eyes!!

Luc with his cute "harry potter glasses"!! 6.5 yrs old, growing up so fast! So funny and caring, a great kid!!!