Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cleaning cupboards!!

I am such a good help to mum. I helped her clean out the cupboards so that we could get new ones. Mummy let me do the 'plastic' cupboard and I cleared it out in 5 seconds flat!! It was so much fun. I played for ages in this cupboard it was almost as much fun as pulling all the Xmas decorations off the tree before dragging the whole treedown.................

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Concerts AND Kindergarten days are over!!!!

Well, my kindy days are behind me as I had my last day today. I was a little bit sad because I will miss my teachers so much, especially Mrs Huggins, my main teacher. I won't even see her next year as she is teaching at another school but lucky for me she is going to my friend Ella's school so I will still hear about her from Ella!!! Yippee. Today we put on a little concert for the parents and grandparents. It was all 'top secret', we weren't allowed to tell our Mummies and Daddies what is was about. Last week I little bit slip though.......I told Mummy we were doing a 'Nativity play' and that I was the CHEF!!!!! Mummy seemed surprised by this because she did nativity plays when she was a little girl at school and she said there was definately no chef in the play!!!!!! I assured her, Yes, I am definately the chef!!! Mummy thought maybe it was a VERY modern nativity play and that maybe the Virgin Mary and Joseph 'travelled' with a chef!!!! Yes, by donkey as well!! OR maybe when they knocked on the door of the overcrowded Inns to find a place for Mary to give birth, just maybe, a chef answered the door!!!!! I could tell Mummy was very curious but I couldn't tell her anymore as it was all supposed to be a big secret. Anyway, when I was going to bed that night I remembered that I am actually not the Chef after all, I am actually the CHEFERD!!!!! Then Mummy, (being as clever as she is!!!) realised I was actually meaning to say a SHEPHERD!!!! Sometimes that happens to me, I mix my words all up, must be a 5 year old thing I'd say!
So in the photo above, (click on photos to make them bigger) towards the back, there I am being a shepherd, I have a white robe, hat and red over my shoulders. If you look very carefully you can see Luc in the doorway watching me. Mummy had to leave the room because Luc was being 'difficult' and he kept wanting to come to me, afterwards (picture below) you can see that he is sitting next to me, just trying to be a big kindy kid like me!!!!!!
After the concert Santa came to visit us and he brought a present for us all. I got a book about elephants.

Here I am with Mrs Huggins, she is the best teacher and I will miss her SO much. She wrote nice things about me in my 'portfolio' and she said I am ready for big Pre Primary school every day next year. Yes, next year I will go to school EVERY DAY!!

Last Friday night, the whole school put on a concert and our kindy class also had a special act. We sang a song about Jesus being born and we did some dancing as well. See is you can see me in the photos, (kind of like playing'where's sophie!)I have piggy tails and I am wearing all white and red tights. All the mums and dads came to watch. Mummy said it was hard trying to comtrol Luc. Now that he is walking he is constantly moving and he doesn't like to sit still even for a minute. He was very funny, he kept crawling to the front near the stage and standing up and clapping and doing all the actions the kids on stage were doing........sorry, no photo of this because Mummy was VERY busy trying to stop him from 'stealing' the show, and Daddy was busy filming so that we can send it to "Australias Funniest Home Videos" show to make money...(well, that is what he said!) Looks like he is going to be a real performer.

Here is a picture of Luc trying to escape from Mummy and Daddy again.....

SO now I am on school holidays until February 4 2008!!! That is a long long time away. Woo hoo, can't wait till Christmas now and see what Santa will bring me.

Lots of love

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Email boy

I had to call Mummy to my room this morning......."Quick Mummy, come quick, Luc is sitting at my 'princess dressing table' using my 'Dora computer' AND he thinks he knows how to check EMAILS!!!! He even thinks he can type. "
I said, "Mum, when is someone going to tell Luc he is JUST a toddler and not 5 like me and also Mummy, I think Luc thinks Dora is his girlfriend because she talks to him when he types!!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mini Maestros

We play on the piano at Nanny and Grandpa's house all the time. Ever since I was a baby I would bang away on the keys and now Luc does it. He knows how to play 'high' and 'low' already. I know how to play actual songs.....'Three Blind Mice' and'Hot Cross Buns'!!!! Luc is so funny, he thinks I am very clever and he likes to clap for me when I finish playing. He thinks I am the best big sister in the world and I think I am as well!! He sometimes annoys me when he ruins the games I am playing but Mummy says, he is still just a baby. I say no he's not, he's a toddler......although he still can't walk!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Five Alive!!!!

Hi all, Can you guess what I got for my birthday??????????ROLLERSKATES!!!!!! I was so happy, I have been wanting rollerskates for AGES, since I was 4...actually!!! I LOVE my new skates and I am getting very good but lucky I have knee and elbow pads on as I have fallen down a lot as well. I have been rolleskating all over the house and backyard and I also went to the 'rollerskating rink' and had a go there as much fun.
So I just love being 5, it is so much more fun than 4. I have had a great birthday,I had 2 birthday cakes!!!!! I had an ice cream cake on Sunday afternoon when Nanny, Grandpa,and Aunty's, cousins and Uncles cames over and then on Monday I had a few friends come over in the afternoon for a chocolate cake that Mummy made.......then also on Tuesday Mummy came to kindy and had made 35 cupcakes for everyone in my class. I helped her decorate them and we did lots of different coloured icing with lollies on top......they were YUM!
Lots more going on at the moment and I'll be back later to fill you busy all the time....
love Sophie

Friday, October 26, 2007

Monday's picnic!

Hi there
Apologies to all our 'avid' readers on the lack of updates on our busy and exciting life but hopefully I can fill you in on the latest news....... but before I go on......have I mentioned it is only 2 sleeps till my "5th" birthday!!!!!!! I am so excited, I absolutely LOVE birthdays and parties ..(just like my daddy!) I have had a couple of great packages arrive in the mail ....(I LOVE to get packages!) one from Memere and Pepere with the cutest outfit and sticker books (also my favourite) and one from Matante Ginette, Mononcle John and Cousin Justin. I got so spoilt, (that's what Mummy said) a new nighty, a dress, a fairy wand, some great pens and rings and ear rings........I miss them a lot and wish I could see them soon :-(

I am back at kindy and it's been great fun. My teacher told me that I am ready to be a big "pre primary" kid already which is what I will be next year. She said it because I showed her how I can do the whole 'monkey bars' by myself, pretty clever don't you think! Last week we talked about 'circus fun" and we had a visit from a REAL clown. His name was 'Bloopo' and he was SO funny that my tummy hurt from all the laughing. He was almost as funny as daddy, but different funny if you know what I mean!!!!

I went on a picnic with Nanny, Grandpa, Mummy, Luc, Aunty Emily, Jack, Sari, Cisco and Aunty Jane. We had sandwiches and fruit and a big play in the playground and the basketball ring. We even walked down to the beach and the water was beautiful but cold. It was a great sunny day but we didn't go swimming, it's not summer yet!!!!

Tonight cousin Jack is having a sleep over at our house. I can't wait! Did I mention it's my birthday in 2 sleeps..........

Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Steps

Look how clever I am!!!!! (actually not as clever as Sophie, she walked at 10 months old!!!!) Mummy says girls are cleverer (hmm, is that a word!) than boys anyway, not sure about that, better check that one with daddy!!! I've been pushing my little toy here for a while and taking one or 2 steps by myself but not really interested in learning any more. I just LOVE to crawl!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One year old

I'm a big one year old and so far so good....

Surprised mummy and daddy and slept through the night for 4 nights in a row....before going back to the old tricks of waking every couple of hours or so..... I have still improved dramatically and have been back to the "expert" doctors. It seems when I get teeth I always get a bad cold, sore throat and ear infection......that's why I wake so much.
Anyway all is forgiven as I am just so adorable or so I am told.

the stats at 1: (by Mummy)
weight: 10kg

height: (not much, still a shorty)

eyes/hair: beautiful and brown

teeth: 3 up top (and very spaced apart, lets hope they start moving towards each other. 3 on bottom and about 6 more wanting to make an appearance....ouch

mobility: the fastest crawling baby in the world. No interest in walking, don't really understand the fuss about walking. Likes standing and holding onto things but crawling is WAY faster!

Food: likes mostly everything. LOVES vegemite on toast. Loves tuna, rice, pasta, fish, lamb, eggs, broccoli......hmm maybe its easier to list what I don't like.....hmmm, nothing.
Drinks: Loves water and milk before bed.

Vocab: Mama,dada, baba, "sasha", dog, and a whole bunch of unidentified words that Sophie keeps asking Mummy and Daddy...."is he speaking a french word"?????

Likes: loves playing with cars and putting them all into a box nd then tkaing them all out again, can throw and catch balls...(yes, really!) Loves climbing...(hello, where did he get that from!) loves books and actually reading them and listening to the stories. Can point out dogs in books.

sleep: 2 x 1- 2 .5 hour naps a day and 12 hours at night (give or take waking sometimes 4 plus times or so!) Loves going to bed.

temperament: mostly a happy, funny laughing little man...except for the dreaded week every month when he teethes and has the ear infections and not happy to be anywhere but held all day long.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's my party.......and I'll SLEEP if I want to!!!!!

My new's OK Sophie, I got this one figured out...hands off!

Yes you DID read the title correctly. Yesterday was my first birthday and I felt tired just thinking about it.....(oh yeah that and combined with the fact I was up playing in my cot the night before for a few hours in the middle of the know me, I am more of a night partier!!!!) So I almost missed my party, I had 3 big naps during the day and made a liar out of Mummy because of course no one really believes her when she tells them how 'awake' I usually am!!!!

So I did manage to stay awake for the main event....the cake!!!! Wow, what fun, my first taste of cake and I loved it...... I'll certainly be trying my hardest to get more of that, I hope I don't have to wait another year for more!! I was a little 'overwhelmed" at first by all the guests, balloons and goings on and made sure Mummy and Daddy stayed in my sights.

Cousin Jacky Boy having a go on the pinata......look how nicely all the kids are lined up waiting for their turn!!

All the bigger kids had so much fun, Sophie had a great time as well but has been a little surprised that all though I turned 'one' I still can't walk and talk like a big kid. Sorry to disappoint you big sis I'll keep trying to figure out how to do those things.

I got some great presents, now it looks like a little boy really does live in the house. I am now the owner of a few trucks and cars, yippeee....boy stuff you know, not a pink pram in sight...yee ha!

Go Sophie......break the pinata

Ella, Sophie and Christina enjoying the party food

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me......

Big bubble

Kids playing on the tramp.....
WOW, all this cake is for me???

Hands up who liked this cake!!!! Woooo hooo, yum yum

It's so fun being one.....lovin it already!

Hmmm, how do you know when the sugar rush hits.......

Now......saving the best for'll never guess what I did last night.............

I slept through the whole night without waking up or crying out........I know Mummy and Daddy are still in shock themselves......I'm not even sure how I managed it and I know Mummy is nervous to see if I can do it all again tonight......maybe it's because I am a big one year old now or maybe it's because I have noticed how tired Mummy has been looking and figure 365 days of waking 8 times a night can really take it's stay tuned Ill be back tomorrow to let you know if I can pull it off again.....

Luc x x

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to eat Spaghetti!!!!

Can't get it in fast enough!!! Ooh yum, saving a few bits for later just keeping them hanging from my feet!!!!

This is soooooo yummy. Think i figured out why Mummy takes my clothes off before I eat.....I am a little messy! Why does she even bother with a bib?

Oh no, busted, the camera's in my face again, Can't a guy eat spaghetti in peace??? Why is Sophie laughing at me??? Why is Sasha trying to lick my toes??

How 'bout at a a time.....just for the photo, can't have my avid readers think I have no manners now can I....after all I am turning the "big 1 year old" in 3 sleeps!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Daddy's boy!

I've been a a"Daddy's boy" lately! When he is home that is and not off working all over the world. When he walks in the door from one of his trips I get SO excited I can hardly contain myself. My legs start jiggling and I squeel and crawl so fast to him thatI almost fall flat on my face. Mummy and Sophie find it very funny and Daddy is just a bit bewildered by my 'over' enthusiasm for him. I tell Sophie that it's a "boy thing" so she just won't get it really!!!

Daddy is very, very fun. He always does fun stuff with me like throwing me in the air and tickling me and wrestling with me. He plays guitar a lot as well and I just LOVE that......

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Party time!

Sophie has informed me that we are soon having a party at our house and it is all for ME!!! I am going to be a whole year old....WOW, must be a pretty big deal because my friends are coming over to celebrate with me. Sophie tells me......I get to eat CAKE!!! I can hardly wait, she has me so excited. I might even get a present of which she has already informed me that SHE is to help me open it and SHE is allowed to play with it and SHE will help mummy make lolly bags to give to my friends and that it is actually HER friends coming to my party because I really actually don't have many of my OWN friends yet!!! Hmmmmmm, not sure that its "ALL ABOUT ME" after all.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seeing double!!!

WOW.....look at this. The photo at the top is a photo of me, Sophie, the bottom photo is of Luc and we are roughly the same age...(10.5 months!) No wonder mummy and daddy say Luc reminds them of me sometimes!!