Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Five Alive!!!!

Hi all, Can you guess what I got for my birthday??????????ROLLERSKATES!!!!!! I was so happy, I have been wanting rollerskates for AGES, since I was 4...actually!!! I LOVE my new skates and I am getting very good but lucky I have knee and elbow pads on as I have fallen down a lot as well. I have been rolleskating all over the house and backyard and I also went to the 'rollerskating rink' and had a go there as well.......so much fun.
So I just love being 5, it is so much more fun than 4. I have had a great birthday,I had 2 birthday cakes!!!!! I had an ice cream cake on Sunday afternoon when Nanny, Grandpa,and Aunty's, cousins and Uncles cames over and then on Monday I had a few friends come over in the afternoon for a chocolate cake that Mummy made.......then also on Tuesday Mummy came to kindy and had made 35 cupcakes for everyone in my class. I helped her decorate them and we did lots of different coloured icing with lollies on top......they were YUM!
Lots more going on at the moment and I'll be back later to fill you in....so busy all the time....
love Sophie

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