Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rottnest holiday 2010....

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Just back from Rottnest, wish I was still there!!! I LOVED riding my bike everywhere...without trainer wheels. It was the best fun ever! Favourite things were..... in this order.... snorkeling with Daddy, playing Mini Golf,seeing the quokkas, riding my bike everywhere..(actually that's meant to be first!).....playing with my cousins Cisco, Havana and Pascal everyday, going on the ferry, building sand castles, swimming with Nanny and Grandpa, being at the beach.

Thw worst part was...having to go to bed at night EVERY night. I wanted to stay up for ever. One night I told Mummy I wish that night time was NEVER invented!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey Sophie and Luc,
these are GREAT pics.
Missing our days at Rotto!
love Aunty Jane