Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Eve...Grandpa's birthday and Boxing Day....


Grandpa had his birthday on Christmas Eve and we had fun at his party, though not sure about the "Christmas Cake" passing as Birthday Cake. Must speak to Nanny about that....not impressed!! Cake must be chocolate! I am sure Grandpa didn't mind he was nice enough to let us help with the candles!

On Boxing day we went to Aunty Valerie's house for lots of swimming in the pool. It was HOT day and I stayed in the pool all did Nanny and Grandpa....I think we were all in there for 4 hours and I was so wrinkly when I got out. It was a big day and I even had a sleep on the way home in the car.

How cute is Luc and Sari. Luc says Sari is his girlfriend, but I say she is your COUSIN and he get's very mad at me, he is always trying to cuddle and kiss her......

It's been very hot and on Tuesday we are going to Rottnest. I can hardly wait. I want to see the quokkas and see if they remember me from last year......

See you soon
Sophie xxx
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