Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun in the sun....

It's been so hot. Over 50 degrees or something like that, ok, maybe not 50, I think 40 degrees, can't remember now and watching the news and weather is not high on my list of tv shows I like to watch.....I just pick up bit of information by hearing the grown up conversations!!! Anyway, sometimes it's even too hot to go to the beach, by the time you get out of the water and walk to the car you need another swim again to cool down.

So this week we have had a great time with a present Santa brought us a couple of years ago...that Santa, he sure knows what we like!! This time Mummy put soap on the "slip and slide" and we spent the days just slip sliding away....then munching on a cold icy pole afterwards.....


Jack and Sari even came over for some slip and slide action....kind of a cool photo Mummy took with the water spraying like that....oh yeah and if we got sick of sliding, we went on the trampoline, see Sari and Luc in the background!!
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