Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas Morning 2009

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Luc and I were so EXCITED on Xmas morning. Me more than him I think as I was awake and in mum and dad's room at 3am!!!! They made me not peek at teh tree and I had to go back to sleep, which I did but only till 5am and then I wriggled and squirmed and kept asking...."can I just go see if he has been.... Santa that is of course"!!! Mum kept saying NO and to wait for Luc to wake up. How ironic (yes, 7 year olds do know the meaning of that word!!!) that Luc would choose Xmas morning to wait until 6.45am to wake up when every other morning he can wake regularly from 3am as well!!!

So eventually we got up and, WOW, so cool. Santa had fixed up my bike and put a new seat on it, and a nwe basket and a bell....I was so happy. He gave Luc a new bike, but Luc didn't have one before and eh worte me a note and said I didn''t need a new one and that he could fix it up for me and that I have to look after it better and not leave it in the rain.......I also got a few surprises... a new dress, a watch, a cd an game for my DS, a couple of toys. We had fun opening everything.

Mummy, Luc and I went to church with Nanny and Grandpa and soon as church finished, Santa arrived in a helicopter on the school oval and gave little bags of lollies out. He wasn't the real Santa though as his eyebrows were painted on...I could tell he wasn't the real one and I said to Mummy that he was a helping Santa as the real Santa would of been in Canada by now delivering presents to all the kids!!!!

We had the best day.......Sophie xxx

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time for bed


Luc sometimes wont go to bed till I have given him a kiss and a cuddle.....oh, that boy can be soooooooooooo annoying even though secretly I don't mind as sometimes he is kind of cute and funny !!!!
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Summer is here.....


At Sorrento Beach a couple of weekends ago, having fun on a hot summery day......
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Sophie's Xmas concert.....


My Year one class sang 2 songs in the school concert.....it was a cool windy night and all our families had a picnic first and then watched us sing our little hearts out, Cousin Jack's kindy clas sang, "Santa Claus is coming to town", they were very cute co they are so little!!! I am just glad I remembered all the words and actions we had to do..... and apparantly little brother Luc danced and sang and sang with his Santa hat on keeping everyone entertained as well.......

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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Wiggles Concert!

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Sari gettting her "Wiggle" on.....time for a nap for me!!
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I went to my first concert last Monday with Mummy, Aunty Emily, Jack and Sari. We saw "The Wiggles". I like "The Wiggles", I use to like them a lot more when I was so much younger, 2 that is..... infact I kind of loved them then, but now I just like them!!!! There were lots of kid there that really, really, really loved them AND some Mummy's as well that really, really LOVED them!!!!! Some Mum's are a little strange I think! Murray Wiggle came really close to me but I had decided to have a little nap at this point. It was a bit exhausting watching all the screaming and dancing kids going crazy! To be quite honest I think my Dad is way funnier, sings better songs
and has more than one outfit!!!

Luc xx

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dear Dummies,
I miss you so much and wish I could hold you in hot little hands just one more time. I mostly miss you when I am going to bed, yes I miss each and every one of you, all 12, you were all special, I had no favourites, you were all the loves of my life!!!

I am really hoping that the garbage truck driver did take you out of the big wheelie green bin and give you to the babies in the hospitals that just got born. I hope those babies are looking after you and love you like I did.

I've been awake a lot lately thinking of you and I make sure I let mum and dad know. So far they have tried to find other special things I can take to bed with me but nothing matches up....sorry cute little black puppy, yes, you are cute but you are too furry to suck and Mummy said you don't like crying and as I have been doing a lot of that at night I just won't put you through that!!!! I am glad Sophie gives you the love!

I am told it will take time to forget you so I will just carry on and remember the good times I spent with you...

Love forever
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Birthday girl.....More party shots......
Girls in pink with no front teeth, ha ha. That is my friend Ebony on the left!!!
Cool pink pig cake Mummy made. Mummy felt it looked more like a bunny but like I said to Mummy, how many pink bunnies do you know MUM?????
Blowing out the number 7......woohoo. Love the Happy Birthday to me song!
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It's PINK party time. This years birthday theme was "Think PINK" and once again, party of the year...ha ha YAY GO MUM!! (you know she writes this right??)So basically it was every little mums...oops I mean girls dream to have an all pink party with no boys of course....not even little brothers, so daddy and Luc were shipped off out of here but came back in time for cake!
My 9 friends arrived and all dressed in pink. We all feasted on some great pink food. Nanny was a big help and helped decorate our big tree in the backyard, it was so windy, our balloons kept popping!! Pink jelly and marshmallow, pink faced biscuits, pink popcorn and pink fairy bread, strawberries and watermelon on sticks (cos we all know, food tastes better on a stick!!!) Mummy even decorated our pink hats and cups and put glitter all over them and our names. I am not sure my friends even noticed that but it made mummy happy so that is ok!!!! We played games, "Pass the pink parcel", Musical statues and Musical chairs and had a Treasure hunt to find ...you guessed it, "pink treasures"!! We also played "Pin the horn on the PINK Unicorn". We danced to...of course, PINK but mostly High School Musical and Hannah Montana although Indy just wanted to hear Micahel Jackson songs and we were all so amazed how she knew all his songs...at 7 yrs old, amazing! Daddy and Luc came home and Daddy set his microphone and amp up and we sand our little hearts out.....some of us, not me of course. Cameran and Sarah were fantastic.....Australian Idol 2020 here we come!!!
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