Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas Morning 2009

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Luc and I were so EXCITED on Xmas morning. Me more than him I think as I was awake and in mum and dad's room at 3am!!!! They made me not peek at teh tree and I had to go back to sleep, which I did but only till 5am and then I wriggled and squirmed and kept asking...."can I just go see if he has been.... Santa that is of course"!!! Mum kept saying NO and to wait for Luc to wake up. How ironic (yes, 7 year olds do know the meaning of that word!!!) that Luc would choose Xmas morning to wait until 6.45am to wake up when every other morning he can wake regularly from 3am as well!!!

So eventually we got up and, WOW, so cool. Santa had fixed up my bike and put a new seat on it, and a nwe basket and a bell....I was so happy. He gave Luc a new bike, but Luc didn't have one before and eh worte me a note and said I didn''t need a new one and that he could fix it up for me and that I have to look after it better and not leave it in the rain.......I also got a few surprises... a new dress, a watch, a cd an game for my DS, a couple of toys. We had fun opening everything.

Mummy, Luc and I went to church with Nanny and Grandpa and soon as church finished, Santa arrived in a helicopter on the school oval and gave little bags of lollies out. He wasn't the real Santa though as his eyebrows were painted on...I could tell he wasn't the real one and I said to Mummy that he was a helping Santa as the real Santa would of been in Canada by now delivering presents to all the kids!!!!

We had the best day.......Sophie xxx

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