Monday, December 07, 2009

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I went to my first concert last Monday with Mummy, Aunty Emily, Jack and Sari. We saw "The Wiggles". I like "The Wiggles", I use to like them a lot more when I was so much younger, 2 that is..... infact I kind of loved them then, but now I just like them!!!! There were lots of kid there that really, really, really loved them AND some Mummy's as well that really, really LOVED them!!!!! Some Mum's are a little strange I think! Murray Wiggle came really close to me but I had decided to have a little nap at this point. It was a bit exhausting watching all the screaming and dancing kids going crazy! To be quite honest I think my Dad is way funnier, sings better songs
and has more than one outfit!!!

Luc xx

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