Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dear Dummies,
I miss you so much and wish I could hold you in hot little hands just one more time. I mostly miss you when I am going to bed, yes I miss each and every one of you, all 12, you were all special, I had no favourites, you were all the loves of my life!!!

I am really hoping that the garbage truck driver did take you out of the big wheelie green bin and give you to the babies in the hospitals that just got born. I hope those babies are looking after you and love you like I did.

I've been awake a lot lately thinking of you and I make sure I let mum and dad know. So far they have tried to find other special things I can take to bed with me but nothing matches up....sorry cute little black puppy, yes, you are cute but you are too furry to suck and Mummy said you don't like crying and as I have been doing a lot of that at night I just won't put you through that!!!! I am glad Sophie gives you the love!

I am told it will take time to forget you so I will just carry on and remember the good times I spent with you...

Love forever
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