Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's PINK party time. This years birthday theme was "Think PINK" and once again, party of the year...ha ha YAY GO MUM!! (you know she writes this right??)So basically it was every little mums...oops I mean girls dream to have an all pink party with no boys of course....not even little brothers, so daddy and Luc were shipped off out of here but came back in time for cake!
My 9 friends arrived and all dressed in pink. We all feasted on some great pink food. Nanny was a big help and helped decorate our big tree in the backyard, it was so windy, our balloons kept popping!! Pink jelly and marshmallow, pink faced biscuits, pink popcorn and pink fairy bread, strawberries and watermelon on sticks (cos we all know, food tastes better on a stick!!!) Mummy even decorated our pink hats and cups and put glitter all over them and our names. I am not sure my friends even noticed that but it made mummy happy so that is ok!!!! We played games, "Pass the pink parcel", Musical statues and Musical chairs and had a Treasure hunt to find guessed it, "pink treasures"!! We also played "Pin the horn on the PINK Unicorn". We danced to...of course, PINK but mostly High School Musical and Hannah Montana although Indy just wanted to hear Micahel Jackson songs and we were all so amazed how she knew all his 7 yrs old, amazing! Daddy and Luc came home and Daddy set his microphone and amp up and we sand our little hearts out.....some of us, not me of course. Cameran and Sarah were fantastic.....Australian Idol 2020 here we come!!!
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