Saturday, December 31, 2011

and so that was Christmas....

Yes, that was Xmas, and I know you are wondering....where have we been!!  We've been busy...too busy as Mummy often says.  Too busy to even blog about our exciting antics.

Today marks the 1st day of 2012....yippee. We are Baaaaaccckkk...stay tuned for a big catch up in the lives of Sophie, Luc and Sadie the crazy wonder puppy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends and family near and afar.  We hope you have fun, stay healthy and keep calm but if you can't keep calm....just eat cupcakes...or ice cream, that usually works for Luc and I.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boys being boys.....

Luc had his two little best friends from kindy over this afternoon..... Oh my goodness, they were soooo loud!!!! They like to do very boy things.... Play with nerf guns, shoot each other, chase each other with laser swords..... Pretend they are Ben Ten... They were all very good though just SO loud!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sadie....2 months on...

We have had Sadie for 2 months now!  Most of the time we LOVE her but sometimes she is a little too crazy...even for us...and we are good at crazy!!!  As she is getting bigger she is also stronger and her idea of playing is to jump up on us and try to playfully bite us.  When she jumps now she is almost bigger that Luc!!
Here we  are having a nice litle play and swing in the hammock and Sadie thinks....hmmm, kids in hammock, I want in too!!!

NO SADIE!!!  Is the most used phrase in our household, followed closely behind with...DOWN SADIE or NO BITING SADIE!!!

Ohhhh so not fair is it Sadie...hammocks are not for puppies!!

Even if have the "puppy dog eyes" look and  you are the cutest puppy in the whole world!!  Trust me Sadie, those looks DON'T work....I try them all the time!!

Yay, a mellow moment with Sadie, time for a cuddle!

Yes, they are bike tyres and NO you cannot eat them!!

NO NO cannot get on the trampoline with us!!

another cuddle...please don't bite my nose!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I had  a great 9th birthday on Saturday 29th October!!  I woke up in the morning and a brand new bike was in the kitchen waiting for me!! Yay, so cool, I rode around the streets before breakfast!  I had my usual gymnastic class and after that I had  a birthday party at a dance was a "gymnastics" theme.  It was so much fun, we also got to dance a lot to all my favourite songs...... Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne......just to name a few.

At my party.....having a "head stand" competition and Daddy went in it as well. My friends were impressed that Daddy could stand on his head for so of my friends even told Daddy she was so impressed as her Dad can barely bend over let alone stand on his head!!!!

taking our turns to perform a "special talent"

my friends!!

Me having a great time!!

party time....

Happy Birthday to me.....

Mummy made a cool cake....keeping with my "gymnastics" theme!!

9 candles!!

so mature now at 9 years old......obviously!!
It was  a great birthday but so far 9 feels pretty much just like 8......

Monday, October 17, 2011 year ago

Picture with Nanny and her mum Lally when Lally first met me in the hospital.....I was one day old
On Saturday we went on a picnic with all of our family.  Mummy said it was because it had been one year exactly since Lally (my Great Grandmother) had gone to heaven and we were going to celebrate her life.   Kind of like a birthday I said, but with out the birthday girl being there....hmm, kind of, maybe?? What I do know for sure is that when someone goes to heaven you can't go and visit them at their house anymore or see them ever.   I am glad though that Lally is in heaven with Sasha, because she really, really liked dogs and she will throw the ball for her for sure.  Also she is with a lot (most) of her friends and 9 of her 12 sisters and brothers.....I know this because I overheard her telling Mummy one day that she has more friends and relatives...up know (well, she pointed to the sky?) than she does here, so we were supposed to not feel so sad when she did know, up there!!!
My last time visiting Lally she was in her bed because she was very sick and she was telling me about all her brothers and sisters....almost enough to have 2 netball teams!!   She use to sleep in the same bed as a lot of her sisters and they all fought over the blankets because they didn't have enough blankets and they would get cold....she told me other things as well but that's mostly what I remembered from that time.

Lally holding my cousin Jack when he was a little and cute...what's with the boxing gloves?

I do remember when I was a little girl Nanny and Grandpa would take me to church and afterwards we would go to visit Lally.  I use to like to collect her mail out of the letterbox ( actually I had a thing about letterboxes, I liked to look in them...anyones!!) Lally started leaving me little presents in there and every Sunday for a few years it was exciting to see what I was going to get!!    Mummy tells me now, that Lally use to go to the local charity store (St Vincent de Paul stores) and buy these little things, books, stuffed toys, trinkets etc.....Sometimes I received  things that actually use to be mine as Mummy would've had  aclean out and given stuff away to charity....ONLY for Lally to buy it all back!!!!

Lally and I having an ice cream at Araluen in September 2006, a couple of weeks before Luc was born....when I was still the "favourite"!!

Lally and Mummy on my cousin Sari's 2nd birthday
Lally feeding havana on my 6th birthday in 2008, cousin Havana was 8 days old!!
Lally in 2007 on Nanny's 70th birthday.  Lally used to know you're old when your kids are pensioners!!

Lally at her house in November 2009, Luc and I had ridden our bikes to her house and Jack and Sari had come to visit as well.  Lally wore a wig as she lost all her hair when she had chemo.

We all miss you Lally but we know you will be having fun wherever you are and probably a beer or 2 and singing some songs. 

PS: I also just remembered something...Lally really, really liked frilly curtains...she had them in every room and Nanny told me when she left her hosue she made sure to remember to say good bye to her curtains!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All about Luc

I like to drink: apple juice...100% apple juice mixed with water

I like to snack on: rice crackers

I always want for dinner: steak or bacon

I am starting to like to kick the football around in the backyard.

I eat boiled eggs for breakfast but only the white bits!!

I'm not very tall for a 5 yr old BUT I am fast AND I am funny.....that's what I tell the kids at school when they ask why I am so small!!!

I haven't grown at all since I was 4 yrs old....exactly 2 weeks ago EVEN though I had "growing pains" the other night!

My best talent is whistling and I can also click my fingers.  Every morning as soon as I open my eyes I whistle and click....just to make sure I haven't forgotten how to do it overnight!! 

I wrote my first song when I was 3 years's called, "The Tiger's dead"

I seriously believe "The Cat in The Hat" from the  Dr Zeuss book actually lives under my bed!

I really like playing with Sophie...(but don't tell her)  When she is at a friends house I get sad and miss her but when she comes home I pretend I didn't miss her and I act cool and say...."oh how come your home?"  When she asks me to play I pretend like I haven't been waiting for her to ask for 5 hours already!

I know lyrics to songs by Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and loads more.

I caught Sophie pause the Justin Bieber movie and try to kiss the screen!!! I don't know why, I don't get it!

The other day at the park I told mum " let's go home, I've got pants in my sand"!

I'm really good at hip hop dancing but I don't like to perform.
I can play 2 songs on the piano, Hot Cross Buns and Baa Baa Black Sheep!

My dad is cool

I tell Mummy that being a Mummy is a lot of hard work!

I am sensitive and caring and have lovely manners

Saturday, October 08, 2011

cousins with cupcakes.....

Cisco, Luc and Jack ages 4,5 and 6.......good times at the park to celebrate Baby Kai's 1st birthday!!

Gymnastics competition

Sophie competed in her 2nd gym comp last Sunday.  It was a floor, bars and mini vault competition and she did very well.  She received a bronze medal.....we are very proud of her xx

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Five Alive!!

Luc had his 5th birthday partyand it's a "Spongebob Squarepants" birthday!!  It was a great party with 18 of his kindy friends and cousins here to celebrate.  We ate "Krabby Patty" burgers and "Spongebob cookies", cupcakes and fish strips and lots of pineapple and strawberries.   The kids all jumped on the bouncy castle and had the best time!!
time to eat...

bouncing away....

Krabby Patties...yum yum....

picnic on the lawn...

we played a game...blindfolded you had to get a jellyfish as close into Patrick's mouth as you could....Luc actually got the closest.  (kind of like "pin the tail on the donkey"!!
Mummy made a cool cake and even made the Patrick and Spongebob characters and jellyfish nets for them to hold out of fondant, inside it was Vanilla flavoured with blue butter cream...mmmmm delicious!!

lining up to play a game
Sophie's turn blindfolded

Happy Birthday to Luc

that is one big cake....

Hip Hip Hooray

bit of hoop shooting with my friends...

cuddles for mummy for making the best party ever!!


happy Luc!!

really happy Luc!

more cuddles for mummy

Sadie was very tired....lots of pats from lots of kids and many people to lick...

ahhhh...everyones's gone home, beer for daddy and cuddles for Sadie...