Monday, July 26, 2004

Tomorrow I am going on a big plane way up high in the sky and Im going to be on it for a really long time.   Mummy and Daddy are taking me to Canada to visit all of my lovely Canadian relatives and friends.    I am very excited as Daddy has been telling me about all the fun we are going to have and how I am probably going to be very spoiled with lots of attention and we all know how much I love attention.   I know Mummy hasn't written my diary for  a long time as she has been very busy getting organised for our big trip and also Mummy has had to go to a place called work.  I'm not sure if it is the same place as Daddy's work because she looks much nicer in her work clothes than the clothes Daddy wears to work.  While Mummy was at work, Daddy looked after me and we had lots of fun.   We went out for breakfast and to the park and up and down the slide as many times as I liked.   Daddy took me to the Aquarium and guess what.....I found Nemo!!!   All those people out there looking for Nemo and there he was, right in the aquarium in Perth.   Daddy said we can come and visit Nemo again when we come home from Canada!
I am staying at Nanny and Badpa's (Grandpas) house tonight as Mummy and Daddy are still getting packed up for our big trip.  Nanny will give me my bath and I can't wait because she sings songs in the bath and makes me giggle. 
Bye Bye
Love from Sophie