Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8 months old

Today I am 8 months old exactly and what a difference a month makes! I am pleased to announce I have only been waking 2 times in the night. I go to bed at 6pm and wake twice somewhere between 6pm and 7am. The rest of my family are very pleased about this also, mostly Mummy of course as she is the one who gets up to tend to my demands! Daddy is away working at the moment but he comes home every Friday.

Ok, now for the biggest news......guess what I got for my 8 month birthday......a tooth!!! Yes, you can barely see it but you can feel the little sharp jaggedy edge. Boy did that hurt when it broke through....and apparently there are more to come!!!

I wasn't very well on the weekend. I had a bad tummy bug and threw up a lot and also went through a lot of nappies...(sorry if that is too much information!) Poor me, it's my first tummy bug and I was kind enough to share it with Daddy but so far I haven't shared it with Mummy and Sophie. It's good to share, so I am told constantly by Sophie.

I have to go to the baby clinic tomorrow to get checked out by the nurse. She just needs to measure me and ask Mummy lots of questions about my development.

Like, do I crawl....NO, not yet,

Do I roll over....Yes, can roll my way across a room and am sure I could go even further if someone would just move the walls out the way.
Do I speak......YES, can say mumumumumu and da da da. Actually could say da da da before I could say mumumum. Mummy says it is because da da da is much easier to say but Daddy says it is because Daddy's are more special????? Yes, we all know who is right there don't we!!!

Do I eat......oh yes, whatever is on offer. Bit off my milk at the moment though. Probably just too full from the the lovely meals mummy makes.

Do I respond to my name....Yes, all the time.

Can't think what else she will ask but I am sure she will be impressed with me. (that's if mum doesn't tell her that I have only just stopped waking 27 times a night.......I don't think she will very happy about that!
Here is a photo of me trying to crawl, just can't seem to get further than this position.....
Bye Bye love Luc

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Baby

Heythere, I'm improving with the 'sleep thang' every night.
Now that really gives me (and Mummy) something to smile about.
I know Sophie says it a lot but......gosh I am cute!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A weekend of FIRSTS!!!!

Wow, what a weekend. It all began on Friday night when I went to my first ever disco!!! I wasn't even that sure what a 'disco' was but Mummy kind of explained it to me. It was held at my school and all my kindy friends and the Pre primary kids were there. I did lots of twirls and twists and running around. I even did the 'limbo' although I keep forgetting it is called 'limbo' and I always call it 'mumbo'!!! The disco only went for an hour and Mummy danced with me a lot and kept all my little boy-friends at bay!!! On the way home we stopped and got a pizza to take homw and have with Daddy....this was turning out to be the best night!!!!!
Then, on Saturday, Nanny took me to see my very first ballet show. A real ballet performance that the 'Australian ballet dancers' performed in a real theatre. It was called 'Coppelia'. I LOVED it. It went for 2.5 hours and I sat and watched every minute of it. When I grow up I am definately going to be a ballet dancer (as well as a doctor, hairdresser and work in a fish and chip shop!!!!!) I can't wait to go to a ballet again. They don't come to Perth very often so it was really great to go and see this one. I really want to fo ballet classes and Mummy is just trying to find one that doesn't cost an 'arm and a leg'????? What does she mean by that?????
Oh yeah and the biggest first of all.......wait for it........ Luc slept for 6 hours straight!!!!! Wooohooooo....who has a happy Mummy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Sunday was Mothers Day and I was very excited to wake up Mummy so I could give her the lovely gifts I had made for her when I was at Kindy. As you can imagine Mummy was "thrilled" to be woken so early, especially as she had been awake most of he night taking care of that cheeky little brother of mine!!!! Daddy had told me to let Mummy sleep a bit more as he was up getting Luc and I breakfast but I just couldn't wait any longer. So Mummy LOVED my presents and daddy helped me write a card from Luc and I.

Then, in my usual way I was able to turn the day around to be all about me again......Daddy told me that Daisy (my baby) and Amy (my teddy) had put some flowers in a jar for me and were wishing me a 'Happy Mothers Day', that was so cute of them.

We had Nanny, Grandpa, Lally, Aunty Jane and Ian, Uncle Carl and Aunty Em and Jacky Boy over for breakfast. Daddy made Bacon and eggs and Mummy made pancakes with maple syrup. It was good fun. Then we just relaxed a bit in the afternoon, watched football (Eagles lost their first game othe season....:-( and then went for a drive in the car. It was a great day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who's a clever boy????

Well, what can I say. 7 months old and already figured out how to get what I want. I like to think it is because of my extreme good looks and bubbly personality but part of me thinks it is because Mummy is just so very tired!!!! We went to a very large shop with lots of colours, and loud screaming children not to mention my big sister Sophie sounding a lot more excited than normal.... (Toys R Us) anyway this is what we came away with (see picture) how cool do I look in this thing with all it's bells and whistles and little wheels on the bottom!! If I stretch out as far as I can my little teeny toes can touch the floor and I am able to move my way around which I find so much fun. I get such a look of surprise on my face when all of a sudden I find myself in a new room........ see, I have the run of the house already!
I haven't been feeling myself lately, had a bit of a runny nose and a cough.
I haven't been wanting to eat as much as I normally would and have been a bit miserable. Still have no teeth either, anyday now they tell me....anyday. Can't wait to sink my teeth into some of those juicy looking steaks Daddy loves so much.
Bye bye
Love Luc

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blueberry has a sleepover

Last Tuesday I got to bring 'Blueberry the teddy bear' home from kindy for 2 sleeps. Blueberry belongs at Kindy and all of us kids take turns in having him stay for a sleepover BUT, we have to draw pictures into a scrapbook and stand up in front of the whole class and talk about what we did with Blueberry. I took really great care of Blueberry and made sure I included him in everything I was doing. At first I was a little concerned as Blueberry only has one eye!!!!!! I asked Mummy if he was going to "grow" another eye as I am really not sure how to go about getting a new eye. Anyway, Mummy said that maybe Blueberry is just so special that he only needs one eye to see as much as we all do with our 2 eyes!!! Hmmm, not sure about that one mum!
My teacher and the class were so impressed with my "scrapbook page" as Mummy even took photos of Blueberry and I and we glued them into the scrapbook and I drew pictures and Mummy wrote down everything I did with Blueberry.

I helped Mummy make 'blueberry pancakes' for breakfast and they were very yummy. Blueberry said they were the best he has ever tasted!!!!! (actually I had to help him eat them because he just sat and stared at them with his 1 eye!!!!)

At night I read Blueberry stories and then cuddled him all night. The next day I took him to my friend Ella's house and we played dress ups and did lots of "hula hooping" together with Ella's cousin Olivia. When I went back to Kindy on Friday I handed Blueberry over and I really missed him that afternoon when I came home. I can't wait to have him stay over another time.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Four and a half

Hmmmmm, not sure what the big deal about being "7 months old is"...(see post below) I mean HELLO, has everyone forgotten something??? What does April 29th mean to you????? Do I have to spell it out!!!!! On April 29th I turned EXACTLY 4 and a half years old. Not 4 any more and not 5 but exactly half way and this is SUCH a big deal to me. Don't you understand...my next birthday cake (of which I have already requested it be pink and a butterfly!) is now less than 6 months away PLUS I am now closer to 5 than 4 and ever so grown up. I can't believe no one has made a big deal out of this...(ok not including Nanny and Grandpa as they actually did ring me (from Melbourne and on holidays) to wish me happy 4.5 years old birthday. Ok Ok Ok, so they really rang to say happy 7 month old birthday to Luc! :-( Still, I am starting to think my Mummy and Daddy have a real problem with me growing up, they are always telling me they wan't me to stay 4 and they even say things like..."don't eat your vegetable's because they will make you grow big and strong"....which of course makes me eat them all up ....(hmm, maybe they are just really clever at tricking me to eat vegetables!!!) Well, all I can say is I am getting BIGGER and BIGGER and cleverer every day, like it or not!