Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blueberry has a sleepover

Last Tuesday I got to bring 'Blueberry the teddy bear' home from kindy for 2 sleeps. Blueberry belongs at Kindy and all of us kids take turns in having him stay for a sleepover BUT, we have to draw pictures into a scrapbook and stand up in front of the whole class and talk about what we did with Blueberry. I took really great care of Blueberry and made sure I included him in everything I was doing. At first I was a little concerned as Blueberry only has one eye!!!!!! I asked Mummy if he was going to "grow" another eye as I am really not sure how to go about getting a new eye. Anyway, Mummy said that maybe Blueberry is just so special that he only needs one eye to see as much as we all do with our 2 eyes!!! Hmmm, not sure about that one mum!
My teacher and the class were so impressed with my "scrapbook page" as Mummy even took photos of Blueberry and I and we glued them into the scrapbook and I drew pictures and Mummy wrote down everything I did with Blueberry.

I helped Mummy make 'blueberry pancakes' for breakfast and they were very yummy. Blueberry said they were the best he has ever tasted!!!!! (actually I had to help him eat them because he just sat and stared at them with his 1 eye!!!!)

At night I read Blueberry stories and then cuddled him all night. The next day I took him to my friend Ella's house and we played dress ups and did lots of "hula hooping" together with Ella's cousin Olivia. When I went back to Kindy on Friday I handed Blueberry over and I really missed him that afternoon when I came home. I can't wait to have him stay over another time.

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