Sunday, May 20, 2007

A weekend of FIRSTS!!!!

Wow, what a weekend. It all began on Friday night when I went to my first ever disco!!! I wasn't even that sure what a 'disco' was but Mummy kind of explained it to me. It was held at my school and all my kindy friends and the Pre primary kids were there. I did lots of twirls and twists and running around. I even did the 'limbo' although I keep forgetting it is called 'limbo' and I always call it 'mumbo'!!! The disco only went for an hour and Mummy danced with me a lot and kept all my little boy-friends at bay!!! On the way home we stopped and got a pizza to take homw and have with Daddy....this was turning out to be the best night!!!!!
Then, on Saturday, Nanny took me to see my very first ballet show. A real ballet performance that the 'Australian ballet dancers' performed in a real theatre. It was called 'Coppelia'. I LOVED it. It went for 2.5 hours and I sat and watched every minute of it. When I grow up I am definately going to be a ballet dancer (as well as a doctor, hairdresser and work in a fish and chip shop!!!!!) I can't wait to go to a ballet again. They don't come to Perth very often so it was really great to go and see this one. I really want to fo ballet classes and Mummy is just trying to find one that doesn't cost an 'arm and a leg'????? What does she mean by that?????
Oh yeah and the biggest first of all.......wait for it........ Luc slept for 6 hours straight!!!!! Wooohooooo....who has a happy Mummy!!!!!!!!

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