Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Four and a half

Hmmmmm, not sure what the big deal about being "7 months old is"...(see post below) I mean HELLO, has everyone forgotten something??? What does April 29th mean to you????? Do I have to spell it out!!!!! On April 29th I turned EXACTLY 4 and a half years old. Not 4 any more and not 5 but exactly half way and this is SUCH a big deal to me. Don't you next birthday cake (of which I have already requested it be pink and a butterfly!) is now less than 6 months away PLUS I am now closer to 5 than 4 and ever so grown up. I can't believe no one has made a big deal out of this...(ok not including Nanny and Grandpa as they actually did ring me (from Melbourne and on holidays) to wish me happy 4.5 years old birthday. Ok Ok Ok, so they really rang to say happy 7 month old birthday to Luc! :-( Still, I am starting to think my Mummy and Daddy have a real problem with me growing up, they are always telling me they wan't me to stay 4 and they even say things like..."don't eat your vegetable's because they will make you grow big and strong"....which of course makes me eat them all up ....(hmm, maybe they are just really clever at tricking me to eat vegetables!!!) Well, all I can say is I am getting BIGGER and BIGGER and cleverer every day, like it or not!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4.5 Birthday S O P H I E!!!

Love from Aunty Jane xxx