Saturday, April 28, 2007

7 months today!

Where does the time go! I am 7 months old today...woohoo! Well, what a month I have had. I am still a really happy little baby and I still really, really LOVE food! I eat everything that comes my way on the end of a spoon....I even eat beetroot!! I am getting very vocal and starting to babble off lots of words, even mamamama and dadadad. I sit up really well and can sit for ages and play with my toys....ALTHOUGH, just in the last couple of days I have been getting very frustrated with sitting and would much prefer to stand. Whenever I am plonked down on the floor lately, I stretch my little legs and won't let them bend. I just don't understand why I can't stay in that position. I am not really that into being on my tummy so not sure on how to get around on my own.
I am sure you are all wondering.....can I sleep longer than 3 hours.....WEll, the answer is sort of! However last Tuesday I did surprise Mummy and slept from 7.30am till 5am. (I did wake a few times but just cried for a few seconds) Mummy was so excited I heard her tell everyone BUT, I haven't done it since and am back to the old routine of waking every couple of hours and screaming. Anyhow, I do have pain in the middle of the night and get "spasms" in my diaphragm (phew, that is a big word) So least there is actually a proper reason for it and let me tell you, it is actually not that fun having these spasms and I would much prefer to be asleep!!!!!

Here is a list of "firsts" for me last month:
  • Had my first Easter and went on my first big car trip to Margaret River
  • Sat up by myself
  • Ate beetroots and brussel sprouts...(not mixed together......that wouldn't be nice!)
  • Can stand up holding onto things and have been trying to climb up Mummy and daddy
  • Giggled so much that I gave myself the hiccups
  • Hold my own bottle of water
  • Watching a lot of football.....C'mon Eagles!

So and in case you were wondering......I am still as cute as ever!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Luc,
That is the CUTEST pic. Congrats on turning 7 months! I hear you are a star with your new walker.

Love Aunty Jane xxx