Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Going away to Margaret River

Hi there,
Wow, I feel like I just updated you on my weekend and another one is fast approaching. I had my last day of kindy on Tuesday for 2 weeks. I am now on "holidays"! We had an "Easter Parade" and we all wore our "Easter bonnets" that we made. We also made easter egg baskets and when we finished kindy my teacher filled them all up with easter eggs!!!!!!! Yum yum. Oh yeah, today at the shops I saw the "Easter Bunny", he hopped over to me and gave me a little egg. Wow, I have never seen him before and I was starting to think he wasn't really real!!!! Can't wait till Sunday because in Margaret River where we are staying at Uncle John and "Great" Aunt Valerie's house, the Easter Bunny hides the eggs in the "bushes" and I have to find them!!!! It's great fun!
Bye Bye......

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