Sunday, April 22, 2007

Having a haircut

My Aunty Kathleen (Grandpa's sister) came over to visit last Wednesday. She played with me and looked after Luc as well while Mummy had a bit of a catch up on some sleep she so badly needs right now. We played in my sand pit and did some colouring in and then.......she gave me a haircut! It is okay folks as she is an actual hairdresser, so she knows how to cut hair. I LOVE getting my hair cut and am always bugging mummy to go and get my hair cut so this was just great that I got to have my very own haircut right in my house. I didn't have too much hair cut off and that is OK because I love to be able to tie it up and have lots of different hairstyles.

Aunty Kathleen bought some litle "fairy cakes" for afternoon tea and she bought 2 candles because it was Jacky-boy's 2nd birthday. He is still on holidays with his mummy and daddy but we put the candles in the cake and sang happy birthday to him know me. I just LOVE singing happy birthday and eating cake!!!!!

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