Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mummy, Luc and I went to our very good friends Nigel and Michelle's "engagement party" on Saturday. I had the best time ever! I wasn't really sure what "engagement" meant but I just love going to any kind of party especially if there are balloons and cake!!!!! I relaly like Nigel and Michelle when they come over to visit, they are lots of fun. The party was held at a Bowling Club and lots of guests were playing "lawn bowls" and us kids including me spent the evening running around and playing on the greens! It was a dress up party as well, (for the grown ups that is) you had to dress up as Nanna's or Grandpa's (Nanna chic being the theme). Some boys were dressed as Nanna's so that was all very confusing for us little people!!!!
Daddy has been away working so he couldn't come. He would've had fun dressing up as a 'Grandpa'. Mummy borrowed Lally's (my great grandmother) clothes to look like a Nanna. Even though Lally is very"trendy" for her 85 years. Anyway, it was hard for Mummy to look like a Nanna when she had baby Luc to look after and push around in the pram!!
Unfortunately Mummy forgot to take her camera and take photos (gee Mummy, how could you's not like you are busy or anything remembereing everything Luc and I needed!!!!!!!)

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Aunty Jane said...

Hi Sophie,
Thank you for coming to play with us yesterday. We had fun.
Next time we should do some cooking. We cooked the fish that the boys caught!

Pascal enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders with you!

Love Aunty Janexxxx