Sunday, April 01, 2007

The weekend

I had a good weekend. I LOVE going to swimming lessons on Saturday mornings and after that, I came home and got ready as Nanny was taking me to my very first "kids opera" concert. It was really, really good, I loved all the musical instruments and all the songs. Nanny has me already used to opera and I kept whispering to her..."oh, I know this song!" They had an orchestra playing and some of the kids got to do the conducting. Not me though as there were lots and lots of kids there and even though I wore a bright pink top and a bright green skirt (chosen myself and refused to change to something that boring!) .......I still didn't stand out enough to get picked to conduct!!!!

On the way home I talked Nanny into letting me have a "sleep over" at their house. So we went home to get my pajamas and to also to ask Mummy if it was OK. Nanny, Grandpa and I watched the football...(not my choice of programs I can tell you!) I fell asleep at 6.30pm....thats how boring it was for me even though Nanny was playing games with me at the same time.

On Sunday I went home to my house and my friends Riley and Kai came over with their Mummy and Daddy and we played for a while. The rest of the day I had fun dressing up like a"princess", jumping on the trampoline, doing some "art", and playing in the sand pit with Luc. What is it with babies......always wanting to EAT the sand!!!!!!

Here are some photos from the weekend....

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