Thursday, March 29, 2007

Six months old already!!

Yep, 6 months old already....and the "chicks dig me". That is what my t-shirt says in this photo in case you couldn't see it!!!! Sister Sophie digs me for sure! All is great in my world. My family are pretty good fun, my sister constantly makes me laugh, my mum feeds me really well and give me lots of cuddles and kisses and daddy, well, what can I say.....he is "the ministry of entertainment"!!! He is a like my own personal playground, throws me in the air and catches me, rolls me around on the ground and tickles me, plays guitar to me and sings for hours on end and in general make me laugh.

The major change for me this month has been the introduction of food. This has been a whole new world for me and I am loving the stuff! I mean I still love my milk BUT, I am loving my mushed up vegies, rice cereal and pureed apples. My favourite mix so far has been the .......pumpkin, sweet potato, beans, broccoli, carrot, corn, peas, cauliflower, spinach......yummo!!! Mum says I have been a great help in using up lots of vegetables from the fridge that may have otherwise ended up as science experiments!!!! Not really sure what she means by that but she seems to think you readers will all know what she is on about!!!!! So yes, I will eat everything that comes my way and LOTS of it!

As for sleeping at night, I am s-l-o-w-l-y- getting a bit better. I am roughly waking 4-5 times (yes, this IS an improvement :-) a night and sometimes it is just to have a little chat with myself...(I am such great company!) Most times it is to see if Mummy will come running...yep, she usually does (boy, have I got control over her already!) sometimes I think she gets sick of me calling out for no reason and she leaves me in my bed having a cry. I usually give up after a little while and go back to sleep.

I am really good at going to bed, soon as mum turns the "Norah Jones" CD on, I am out like a light. Her singing reminds me of the angels I use to hang with! Ha ha
I am still not really that mobile. I kind of like being carried or carted around a bit and just love being in my pram ......apart from when cousin Jack is in control when Mummy isn't looking......yikes, then I get worried about being tipped out.....(don't worry readers, it actually hasn't happened, just had a close call that's all!!!

I weigh 7.3 kilos now and am 65cm long. Can you tell my hair has grown???? My eyes are still brown and I am still really really cute. This I know for sure as I am constantly being told!!!

I am looking forward to going on my first holiday next week to Margaret River for Easter. Mum and Dad are not really looking forward to the 3.5 hour drive down there with me as they think I will get bored and cry a lot.......they may be right about that one, it is SO boring being in the car that long.

Bye for now

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