Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Had a good day at Kindy today. I did lots of paintings, sang songs, played games, played with my friend Ebony, a boy called Ben wanted to hold my hand (and I let him!!!!!!), ate all my vegemite sandwich for lunch, Mrs Huggins (my teacher) gave me the "Star" of the day certificate for being brave when I missed Mummy and didn't cry. I missed Luc too and he was so happy to see me as well. Mummy said when I am not in the car to entertain him he gets very upset. He likes to look at my face and try to make me laugh. Oh yeah, another thing that happened today....Luc started eating vegetables!!!!! He loved them, he had pumpkin and spinach all mushed together and he got it everywhere.....even in his eyes and up his nose........he just cracks me up that little man!!!

Here is a picture of me in the hammock and one of my ever so cute baby brother........
Love Sophie xx

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