Thursday, March 01, 2007

5 months old

Another month older but still as cute as ever. Well, that's what I am told anyway. It's been a big month. My sleeping habits have improved and Mummy is very pleased with the progress I have made. I still throw in the odd really bad night for her so that she really learns to appreciate the good nights!!!! Other things you may be interested in about me..........

I weigh 7.2 kilos

I am 65 cm long

My hair has grown and is dark brown

My eyes are looking very brown

I am extremely cheeky

I can wave!!!! If you don't believe me ask my mummy and daddy!!
I am really enjoying listening to Bernard Fanning (an Aussie singer)

Milk is still my favourite drink , and lots of it. Mummy still makes the best milk.

I have tried baby rice cereal and kind of liked it. I actually knew how to swallow.

I am camera shy.

Women is the streets and shopping centres stop to talk to me and tell Mummy how cute I am.....(daddy says, this is a GREAT thing if it is still happening in about 16 years time!!!!)

I roll all over the place but not that interested in sitting or crawling forward. (unlike big sister Sophie whom apparently was crawling at this age)

I have had my little toes dipped in the Indian Ocean and been swimming in the pool.

My favourite toy is a little cloth book

My favourite thing to chew is my hand

I am happy to sit in the backyard and watch the wind blow the leaves on the trees

I love it when daddy throws me in the air and catches me and I giggle very loudly

I love the shower water on my face

I love to stare at Sophie, doesn't matter what she is doing.

My gums hurt a lot and I am not sure why and it makes me sad sometimes!!

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Anonymous said...

Very Cute Luc!
You are a real smiler,

Love from Aunty Jane xxx